July 27, 2021

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This is what Jennifer Lopez looks like in the morning.  The star threw the picture straight out of the bathtub

This is what Jennifer Lopez looks like in the morning. The star threw the picture straight out of the bathtub

Jennifer Lopez Her first line has been promoted since the beginning of the year makeup For skin care. “JLo Beauty” is based on the artist’s knowledge and experience over the years of working in the show business, as well as preserving family traditions. The latter includes the Lopez family’s “secret” to maintaining beautiful, healthy skin, which is olive oil. This is the ingredient that is supposed to work wonders and is included in cosmetics marked with an asterisk. Lopez shared a photo on her branding account of herself standing straight from the bathtub. Admittedly, her skin is flawless.

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Jennifer Lopez pictured in the bathtub

Lopez in “disciplined disorder” in her hair With a seductive look, she took a selfie which she then posted on Instagram. This isn’t the first time the star has shared a photo from the bathtub with fans. In March, she surprised fans when she shared a photo in which she looks like… the Grinch. But this time, there’s no trace of the green creature—the Latina beauty delights with her radiance and flawless complexion. Lopez’s bright, fresh and flawless complexion arouses admiration not only among the artist’s supporters, who are not ashamed of flattery on her social media, but also among the few skeptics. The question remains, is it a matter of sponsorship or an Instagram filter?

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star under post on ما Instagram She was also encouraged to listen to her new single “Cambia El Paso”, which she recorded in a duet with Rauw Alejandro. Do you think the 52-year-old star still has a chance of hitting the charts?

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