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This is what the composition of Poland is supposed to look like. Michniewicz surprised and delighted the Spaniards again.. the Polish national team

This is what the composition of Poland is supposed to look like.  Michniewicz surprised and delighted the Spaniards again.. the Polish national team

Back, front and side. This is the last accent and we go further – said physical preparation coach Grzegorz Witt. It was already the 20th minute of training, the end of the warm-up. Typically, reporters are asked to leave after a quarter of an hour. but not you Ceslav Michenewicz. The national team picker didn’t have much to hide in training camp in March. Then he surprised not only the Poles, but most of the Scottish journalists who were so surprised The day before the match in Glasgow, they can watch their opponents throughout training.

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Grosicki had honest conversations with Michniewicz. “If he doesn’t go, I must go in.”

Robert Lewandowski ends Bayern! “My story is over”

Spaniards jubilation

On Tuesday, the Scots were not on the field in Wroclaw, but a few Welsh and Spaniards who came to Poland showed up to describe a potential move. Robert Lewandowski lowest F.C.B. They too can be watched closely. But he’s really close, because they were a few meters away from Lewandowski while playing the grandfather. Obviously they were happy to have a good team and the best striker in the world was right behind them.

All allowed Michniewicz, who showed reporters his training hour on Tuesday. It was enough not only to watch the warm-up, but also to watch the grandfather’s match, Jacek Góralski’s slip and shooting practice. – We play tight but not too tight – Michniewicz paid players. Then divide them into two groups. One of them played a game on a short pitch, and the other continued to shoot on goal. And the last group, who kept shooting, was the one selected to play against Wales on Wednesday.

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Thomas Hagetto (left) and Marcin Bros (right)Hajto Exploded: Brosch no longer has the right to work for the Polish national team

If we suggest training on Tuesday, then the Polish national team for Wales will look like this: Kamel Grabara – Bartosz Berezinsky, Jan Bednarek, Kamil Glick – Timothy Boczacs, Mateusz Klich, Grzegorz Krechowiak – Peter Zelensky – Adam BoxaAnd the Robert Lewandowski.

This group also included five players with yellow flags – Kamil Pestka, Szymon Churkovsky, Marcin Kaminski, Mateusz Wijska and Thomas Kudziora – so there are likely to be some changes. Or it’s just a reserve, because Michniewicz said earlier at the conference that he intended to use a maximum of five changes on Wednesday.

An unusual gathering of the Polish national team

– We’ll perform with Wells in perfect line-up. We’ll try to play in three settings, and change them in the process match – Michniewicz already said on Introduction to Tuesday’s conferenceHe later added that from the start his team would come with a squad of four defenders, which would change to three and five during the match. – There will also be two debuts. After Monday’s training in this matter, not much has changed. Well, maybe it won’t necessarily be their debut from the first minute – Mitchnowitz smiled.

Four games in 16 days. It is an exceptionally long group, but also an unusual group for the Polish national team. Michnowitz named 39 players at the League of Nations meetings with Wales in Wroclaw (1 June), Belgium in Brussels (8 June), the Netherlands in Rotterdam (11 June) and Belgium again in Warsaw (14 June).

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“I don’t want to say it would be a negative choice, but for the September training camp I will definitely recruit fewer players now,” the coach announced before the first game with Wales. The meeting starts on Wednesday at 18:00.

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