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This is what the parents of Polish stars look like: Małgorzata Kożuchowska, Blanka Lipińska and Sylwia Bomba … (photos)

This is what the parents of Polish stars look like: Małgorzata Kożuchowska, Blanka Lipińska and Sylwia Bomba ... (photos)

Polish celebrities are happy to show the world photos in the company of their relatives. See what the parents of Magorzata Kochowska, Thomas Kamil, Magorzata Socha, Siluja Bomba and Maciej Muzic look like. Who is the most similar?

Many Polish celebrities report their daily lives on Instagram on an ongoing basis. Representatives of the Polish business fair are also eager to show the world photos in the company of loved ones: partners, children, as well parents.

Recently, she shared a picture with her parents on Instagram Małgorzata Kożuchowska. The entry of the actress, in which she melted at the immensity of her father’s strength and wished them health, affected many of her viewers.

Of course, Kouchowska is not the only celebrity who has decided to flaunt photos of her loved ones to the world. Photos with parents can be admired in profiles, among others Anna and Robert Lewandowski, Magorzata Ruzinic, Blanca Lipinska, Andrei Piaseczny, Maciej Musiac and Siluya Bomba.

See what the parents of Polish celebrities look like. In whom do you see a special resemblance?

But you write that you show the parents of the Polish stars what Bomba’s parents are doing there?!

And my parents died in very short intervals, that way I lost the one address I could always go to without warning, I was always welcome and there was always something good to eat.

You better write that Kinga D has been locked up in a monastery


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Beautiful Gray Mom!!! Mom’s class Sosha!

Some celebrities have changed so much that you don’t see any resemblance to either parent 😁

Malgosi Mama Statues Wow!!!!

Star parents? Lipińska, Bomba are celebrities, not stars, because the star can be Gorniakowa, Ewa Bem, etc.

Wow, so many similarities! Well … Anyway, you can envy, not everyone has such a bond with a parent 🙁

Natalia’s mother is beautiful 👍

Umm Al-Qaddadi is a beautiful woman!! Greetings to all mothers

Bomb… a star 🤣🤣🤣


From this list, one family stands out – the family p. Kostrzewski. Everyone is wearing a kneecap with starchy: Mishao stands aside as if taking a tour photo, folds her hands like business women and fathers just like … There is no family warmth, no hugs, and loneliness. Terrible coldness trumps these two pictures. Somehow other families look better, you can see the bond between parent and child, and here everything is strict and solemn.

Maguzia Sosha’s mother is a revelation, a beautiful and warm woman

Ah, this rose is already fashionable …

What do you blame celebrity parents, they can’t be blamed for nothing

Marina’s mother is like a farmer’s candidate from Manovska (only that Belarusian woman).

I wish them good health and happy years together. I lost my beloved mother a month ago and I know what it means to not have a dear father.

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