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This mod for RDR2 makes people die more realistic

This mod for RDR2 makes people die more realistic
June 18, 2022, 2:48 pm

If you have the impression that the death physics of RDR2 has been toned down a bit compared to what GTA IV or the first RDR introduced, you are right. There is a PC mod that fixes this, but this is a situation for people with nerves of steel.

The most important information:

  • A mode that brings back realistic death animations in RDR2 straight from older games has been updated on the Euforia Engine.
  • The mod makes the fights very realistic and is for people with strong nerves.

Red Dead Redemption 2Like almost all games rock games Released since then GTA IVIt uses the advanced trance physics engine with great animations. However, when playing the old R* productions, you can get the impression that the physics in them are more realistic, and that one of the most striking elements is how the characters move at the time of death.

The mode brings back realistic RDR2 animation straight from GTA IV

While W GTA IVor even the first Red Dead RedemptionEnemies staggered for some time after being shot and seemed to react realistically to their wounds and die in agony, so in newer titles, bodies often fall to the ground without any additional animation. Perhaps the developers did not want to spend time and money improving this element, or perhaps they decided that it was too much for real and such scenes would be too brutal.

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Whatever the creators intended, it does not matter now, because a modification appeared on computers Cinematic Joy Rework (CERR)who re in Red Dead Redemption 2And the Known from the ancient games on Euphoria Engine, the realistic animation is dyingMaybe too realistic. The situation touches the level of realism you made the battle in Our Last: Part Two For many it was a difficult experience. Watching your enemies in pain can feel uneasy and uncomfortable, so It is a modification for people with stronger stomachs.

The characters’ bodies were divided into separate areas (arms, legs, torso and head), each with its own set of responses to damage. The enemy’s bullet in the chest will not immediately fall to the ground, but will try Keeps you on your feet and stops the bleeding. Even headshots don’t kill instantly, and the opponent takes some time to stop moving. simplified Physics shows shock and agonyThe clashes become more brutal.

Editing comes from Germany animewho were disappointed in submission RDR2 ragdolls and decided to do something about it. First, he studied how the Euphoria engine works, the functions it provides and how they can be changed. Then he set to work to reflect as accurately as possible what the shooting looked like at first Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV if Max Payne 3. As you can see in the video above, he managed to achieve his goal and the results of his work are impressive to say the least.

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CERR was originally released in March, but now There is quite an update. You can download the mod from nexus – Requires it to function properly Lines mod loaderbut the installation itself is as simple as throwing a folder in another.

  1. Red Dead Redemption 2 official website

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