September 22, 2021

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This offer will allow you to save up to PLN 510

Believe us – we’re really hesitant to say it, but we have to: the 2021 holiday will be over in a few days. So it’s time to complete the equipment that will help you learn in the coming months, relax a bit in your spare time, Because after all, the mind also needs a moment to rest. This promotion will help with that.

We don’t know if you’re looking forward to going back to school or want to take an endless vacation. Actually, who wouldn’t want to, but the truth is that doing nothing forever can also be tiring and may eventually become boring. And at school, not only studies and exams await you, but also a lot of unforgettable moments, to which you will certainly return after many years with a tear in your eye.

This Back to School 2021 offer will allow you to save up to PLN 510

Layette School is now not only books, notebooks and a set of school accessories, adapted to the stage of education in which the student is. Nowadays, electronic equipment is also a must for learning. We hope that the distance learning times will not return, but you also need to take this possibility into account – then your laptop or headphones will be more useful.

Many stores offer special back to school 2021 deals and Media Expert is no exception. There is a procedure underway in this network, thanks to which you can save up to PLN 510 by purchasing equipment that will certainly come in handy in the coming months for learning and more.

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Source: media expert

As you can see, the amount of the discount depends on how much you spend on the equipment covered in the promotion. However, the rule is that for every PLN 300 in the basket, the store will charge a PLN 30 discount. Most importantly, it does not matter whether you buy one or more products. This way, you’ll save both when you decide on – say – a laptop or monitor, and when your basket includes different devices, such as headphones, keyboards, internal and external drives, webcams, routers, or power banks.

Configuration is completely free, though Before checking out the order in the online store, use the discount code P-11212. However, in stationary stores, this is not required – the seller must automatically charge a discount at checkout.

All devices suggested by the Media Expert store (and not only) can be found at Custom Website Promotion. There are tons of them, including:

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The above prices are pre-discount prices. Offer valid until September 9, 2021 or while stocks last.

In addition, the store recommends Media Expert Luggage scale for 29.99 PLNSo that you can check if your child’s backpack is too heavy (it will also come in handy during holiday trips).

Promotion regulations: “Back to school – get 30 PLN discount for every 300 PLN spent! When purchasing the products included in the promotion” (PDF)

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