October 18, 2021

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This OnePlus' similarity to the Pixel 6 is astounding!

This OnePlus’ similarity to the Pixel 6 is astounding!

Pixel 6 isn’t as innovative as we thought? Is it possible that Google stole the design of the smartphone from its rival OnePlus? This is indicated by the latest graphics showing the OnePlus 7 prototype from 2018!

Latest Project Pixel 6 From Google is impressive – the manufacturer has abandoned the minimalist design, and instead prepares us an unusual, colorful and well-equipped smartphone. But what if Mountain View Giant didn’t come up with the idea themselves?

Pixel 6 vs OnePlus 7

Pictures showing the project unexpectedly hit the network OnePlus 7, dating back to 2018This is three years ago. At that time, the Chinese manufacturer was working on a smartphone, which was eventually sold in a variant.

The similarity is astounding – we can see at first glance how similar the two designs are to each other. So Google’s idea may not be as innovative as we thought.

OnePlus 7 prototype / ft. Industrial Designer – Haoral Weibo

The futuristic camera module is impressive – so one wonders why OnePlus abandoned such a promising project? Maybe he was too brave back then? But this year he pleased almost everyone.

Over the past three years, OnePlus hasn’t decided to introduce the rejected design to the world – it’s only now that the Pixel 6 has earned so much design praise. Apparently, an image of the OnePlus 7 prototype was given to a leak by one of the brand’s designers.

    Pixel 6

Google Pixel 6 design / fot. google

At the moment, however, no charges can be brought against Google. nothing is certain, Until OnePlus officially confirmsThe design leaked on Weibo is actually from a Chinese brand.

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What then? We don’t know this yet, although we will continue to look into it. Sure, the Pixel 6 will be debuting anyway. Unfortunately, we can not count on the debut of the smartphone in Poland again:

Well Google, you got me. I’d like to buy a Pixel 6, if you haven’t spent much time in Poland

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