June 19, 2021

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This was the "reserve" performance of Rafai Brzozovsky at Eurovision.  "If they showed it in Rotterdam, they would have made it to the finals"

This was the “reserve” performance of Rafai Brzozovsky at Eurovision. “If they showed it in Rotterdam, they would have made it to the finals”

Last week’s echo continues Eurovision Final. Unfortunately, Poland cannot be considered successful in the festival this year. Rafai Brzozowski invited Europe to ‘The Ride’, but unfortunately had to settle for a trip to the airport instead of the finals. Despite the fourteenth place in the second semi-final The singer and Jacek Kurski are satisfied with the performanceBut despite this, TVP did not constantly want to reveal who was behind the choice of song and actor.

Eurovision In 2020, that wouldn’t have happened before the coronavirus pandemic, so this year organizers preferred to protect themselves in case COVID thwarts the artists’ plans. This is what happened to the Australian international who did not attend herself in Rotterdam, her performance was shown on tape. However, all teams had to set up a performance backup just in case this happenedThis weekend, the European Broadcasting Union organized a surprise for fans of the competition and broadcast an alternative version of the competition with these “back-up” shows.

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Rafai Brzozowski He recorded a previous version of “The Ride” in March at the Warsaw studio. The choreography remained unchanged, but new elements of the scene appeared. The artist presented himself well in a loud voice and He gave up shouting in the audience, Who shocked fans after his performance in Rotterdam. Foreign netizens who noticed “alternative competition” agreedوافق Poland’s performance in this version is one of the most positive surprises “Eurovision from the tape”. Fans of the festival almost unanimously agreed that they prefer the performance of “Brzoza” recorded in Warsaw before the competition.

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How did it happen that Poland gave such a great performance, and in Rotterdam it ended up being such a mess on the stage. The best example is that there is no need to exaggerate the presentation of the song.

Great, polished performance from Poland. If they show the same in Rotterdam, they can be promoted.

I like the Polish performance in this version much more than the performance in Rotterdam.

Wow, Poland has a really “cool” show in this version. They shouldn’t change anything – Fans wrote in the comments on YouTube.

Watch the “alternate” performance by Rafai Brzozowski (from the 35th minute). Do you also think it got better than it was on stage in Rotterdam?


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