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This will be a hot time for companies offering PV installations

This will be a hot time for companies offering PV installations

Implementation of the investment by the end of December will enable consumers to settle the current favorable terms. There is already a growing interest in precision formulations. But – as the companies assert – photovoltaics will also be profitable after 2021, when the new rules will be implemented.

From next year, consumers will not be able to use the discount system. The bill prepared by the Climate Ministry stipulates that the owner of a small facility must sell surplus capacity to a seller committed to the average exchange rate in the previous quarter. And when the electricity, in turn, runs out, he will have to buy it on the market. Currently, the excess energy produced is fed into the grid and taken when the demand is greater. In return, the consumer must return 20 percent. energy.

The ministry explains that the planned changes are aimed at adapting Polish law to that of the European Union. This is a good trend from the point of view of the major energy companies and distribution companies. The boom in the PV market that we’ve been dealing with for two years has contributed to the increased load on the grid. Energy industry, distributors are not ready for such a strong development of consumer energy. The proposals in the bill aim to solve this problem.

Photovoltaics will be less profitable. The government is preparing for the changes

– In some parts of the country, roof panels are installed on roofs in every third and even every second home. Facilities are often large in size, and are built to produce much more energy than current consumption indicates. As a result, only 20-30 percent is consumed continuously. Power generation. The surplus goes to the network which is treated as a repository. Meanwhile, the LV distribution network is not ready to receive this amount of power, nor is it prepared to switch from low voltage to medium voltage. This causes disturbances – says Interia Krzysztof Dziaduszyński, Esoleo board member.

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Remedial steps must be taken. Shutting down the consumer system and encouraging investors to build facilities with their own power banks are government measures aimed at reducing the load on the grid. This is the direction in which energy policy will move in the coming years. Otherwise, operators, for the sake of energy supply security, may refuse to connect micro-PV installations to the public power grid – adds Bartos Bobrich, President of N Energia.

Bartłomiej Derski from the “High Voltage” portal estimates that a farm that consumes 4.5 MW of energy per year and has an installation of 5.5 kW will lose about PLN 1,000 per year.

The current system will be in effect until the end of the year. Those who managed to build the facilities before the end of December will be able to settle accounts according to the old rules for another 15 years. This will make the coming months very busy for installers. The phones are already ringing with customer inquiries. Traders will likely become more active and will motivate clients to make a quick investment decision. – The second half of the year will be very hot. In the final days of sales contracts and inquiries, there was twice as much as in the previous month – says Bobrich.

Companies involved in implementing photovoltaic installations, however, assure that energy from the sun will also be profitable after 2021.

– If such changes occurred in Poland, then the consumer would not have such excellent conditions as today. He will sell electricity at a cheaper price and buy it at a higher price. The return on investment is likely to extend from 6 to 10 years. But the installation of panels will still be profitable. Installation made according to art, with high-quality materials, will serve us for 30 or even 40 years. So it will pay off several times despite the slightly poor economic conditions – convinces Dziadoszinsky.

Bbrych also believes that precision fixtures will remain an attractive solution. – Consumers want to become independent of increases in the price of electricity, which are becoming more and more severe, as well as of new charges, such as electricity fees – knows and assures that the time for return on investment, taking into account current conditions and calculating the value of today’s facilities without a power bank, will be longer. – However, you need to be aware that the surrounding environment will change. First of all – the consumer will not give up 20 percent. your energy. Secondly – it will be able to use the support system for fixtures and energy storage. And thirdly – energy will become more expensive, and price increases will be more and more severe. All this will translate into the attractiveness of hybrid solutions – he emphasizes.

Krzysztof Dziaduszyński from Esoleo draws attention to the role of collectors and independent trading companies. They will be able to offer better conditions for purchasing energy from customers, or offer energy balancing service in the form of cashless trading. It also indicates some of the advantages of non-cash transactions. – There will be no problems in running a business or settling VAT, income tax or excise tax. Some companies are already ready for this. He says the PV market will have to adapt to new conditions and expand its services.

Esoleo is ready for a change. – We already have ready solutions that can be used when the consumer system ceases to exist, we have our own collective trading company in the form of Polkomtel, which will be able to cooperate with the customer. However, it is necessary for the legislator to clarify some issues so that the child is not flushed with the bath water, he asserts.

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