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Tick ​​infestation. Experts explain the popular myth

Inwazja kleszczy. Eksperci wyjaśniają popularny mit

Cell phones attract ticks – this warning increasingly comes with the advent of summer, when people and animals are especially vulnerable to attacks by disease-carrying spiders. How much truth is in these allegations?

I don’t think you need to remind anyone about the dangers of ticks. These spiders everywhere contribute to dangerous diseasesSuch as Lyme disease, Babesia or tick-borne encephalitis, which can occur in extreme cases end in death.

One of the factors that are supposed to cause it Increased tick attacksit is recognized mobile phones. Warnings about this worsened ahead of the holiday season, but it doesn’t have much to do with the truth. The myth of the effect of cells on ticks is dealt with by the Polish Chamber of Information and Communication Technologies (PIIT).

Phones attract ticks – why this myth?

Cell phone tech theory is The result of an experiment conducted by scientists from Poland and SlovakiaIts results were published in the journal Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases. in 2020. We wrote about them here:

The researchers studied the effects of an electromagnetic field (EMF) on common ticks. for this purpose 300 ticks have been placed Both sexes are infected with Lyme, rickettsia and healthy bacteria. in plastic tubes. These tubes were prepared in such a way that one end remained Covered with a layer of copperwhich was supposed to protect the container from the inside. Then the frequency transmitter was turned on 900MHz and after 24 hours The number of forceps traveling from the center of the tube to one end of the tube was counted.

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As a result of the experience, after a day, a little more than 60% of ticks was partially, which were not protected from PEM. Basically on this basis, scientists have concluded that mobile phones attract ticks.

Experts point out the flaws of this study

Quoted by the Polish Chamber of Information and Communication Technologies Opinions of skeptical experts Experience and conclusions drawn on its basis.

As noted by Professor Andrei Krausek, an expert on the electromagnetic field and its effect on living organisms, PEM measurements were not performed in tubes. It was simply assumed that the plastic tip would be exposed to EMF, and the copper-coated tip – no. The professor notes that this cannot simply be assumed, because the room is protected by copper It may be ineffective for many reasons.

The professor also pointed out There is no control group And the Limit the test to only one frequency. As PIIT explains, modern smartphones provide fewer and fewer services In the 900MHz band. Data is usually transmitted at frequencies higher than those used in the study, and only one Polish operator has exactly the same frequency as in the experiment.

In turn, Dariush Aksamet, a famous physicist and known to science, argues that himself Plastic and metal effect They can be critical to tick movement. The scientist finds that it is amazing not to measure the level of PEM in the tubes and not to conduct the experiment on a control group.

There are other logical reasons, too. Dariush mentions I swore that after all Nobody stands for a walk all day long In one place, so it is difficult to associate this experience with a walk in the woods.

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The scientist also noted that if the electromagnetic field acts on the tick in the way proposed in the study, then base stations Mobile phones located in the fields, working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, They will even be stuck with ticks – Everyone can see that it is not.

Take the phone to the forest

leaving the phone at home as a form of prevention, looks silly – PIIT summarizes in its analysis. Even if the radiation from the phone affects the tick in any way, the mentioned research alone shows that this effect is statistically negligible. there is no phone maybe us much more harm For example, when we get lost or break our leg.

Full text of the article on the page Polish Chamber of Information and Communication Technologies.

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Image Credit: Shutterstock

Text source: Polish Chamber of Information and Communication Technologies

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