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TikTok Doctor shows that learning doesn’t have to be boring

TikTok Doctor shows that learning doesn't have to be boring

Konrad Skotnicki on TikTok alone has over 400,000 followers and his videos have already been viewed millions of times. “Doctor Tik Tok” He doesn’t dance or make jokes – his material is primarily a scientific curiosity. Thus the Creator proves that science does not have to be boring and that there is certainly a place for it in the present.

“As humans, we wouldn’t be able to focus on the millions of scientific things we want to know if they aren’t interesting,” explains TikToker’s popular philosophy. Konrad Skotnicki criticizes the Polish school where, he says, content is conveyed “in an outrageously boring way”.

“I don’t think you can instill joy in learning this way,” says Dr. Tik Tok. – to me The element of fun is paramount – confirms the creator of the Internet. – Especially on TikTok, which is not a university but a fun app. So you have to “smuggle” the scientific content there, but while having fun.

Konrad Skotnicki asserts that his goal is not formal education, but Show that science can be fun. “I try to rebuild a child’s enjoyment of learning about things and discovering the world we often lose through school, life, and many other elements,” says Dr. Tik Tok. She emphasized that TikTok is not a substitute for school, but it can help people fall in love with science again.

How does the community of other researchers interact with the creativity of the online world and are they equally keen on popularizing science? Konrad Skotnicki agrees that the Polish system is so “fossil” Rather, they dominate it “feudal relations”.

– I think the system is to blame (…) In the Polish science system, there are no incentives for scientists and scientists to publish science and tell the public in a simple way what they really do in laboratories and institutions – says “Doktor with TikTok”. – There are literally no incentives – Confirms. Therefore, hardly anyone wants to spread the flag in Poland.

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