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TikTok knows everything about you. Did you know he knows?

TikTok is the world’s fastest growing social app. Among the built-in options, in addition to the effects video editor, there is a browser in which you open the links sent in the application. If we combine this topic with the fact that TikTok belongs to a Chinese giant, a red light should flash. Red as a Hand on the cover of George Orwell’s 1984.

TikTok is a Chinese data collector

The Chinese name for TikToka is dwin. This is a Chinese publisher app Byte Dancewhich was founded in 2016. In Europe and North America, it caused quite a stir in early 2020, and developed further thanks to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic.

Activities on TikTok are based on short videos – Mostly humorous, dancer or sales content. In some parts of the world, TikTok has been banned due to the distribution of inappropriate content. Another controversy related to censorship of TikTok for political reasons – The government of the People’s Republic of China has ordered ByteDance to aggressively control content Related, among other things, with the independence of Tibet or the Tiananmen Square massacre.

There are allegations in the US that TikTok is being used to spy for the Chinese government, From the developers of this application officially severed. In June 2022, there was a threat that TikTok would disappear from the Google and Apple stores. Commissioner Brendan Carr has called for it US Federal Communications Commission. In his opinion, TikTok is an application under the guise of i Its main task is to collect detailed information about people and forward it to the Chinese government.

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TikTok, or Monitoring On Demand

No matter what social medium we are talking about, anyway, we must realize that Various platforms collect information about us. Officially, it is said mainly Data is collected for the purpose of advertising websites towards the user, i.e. adapting them to our interests or even our worldview.

In the context of TikTok, it is more interesting than the case of Facebook or Instagram, which also collect user data and page metadata. Only Snapchat doesn’t. Felix Krause Being a cyber security expert Take a closer look at the browsers included in each app. Its analysis is straightforward – TikTok tracks every move, every click or redirect in the app, and also using the browser.

Every word we enter in the search engine as well as on the page opened in the browser is saved by a special program called KeyLogger, Which records which button we clicked, and in what order. It’s very dangerous Such programs can easily get access to our protected data – For example, if we log into Facebook from the TikTok browser, we send our password literally. To protect yourself from this, you should use a two-step login – preferably in the form of a confirmation in an external application, without entering any data. It is the same with payment card numbers or other sensitive data.

Now for the funniest part. TikTok took note of Felix Krause’s report and did not deny it. Moreover, he confirmed everything that appeared in the analysis. The translation was trivial: “It’s for the benefit of the users.”

Is there anything to be afraid of?

Given that we live in the 21st century and are monitored at every step, it’s hard to say. You don’t believe that internet activity is not monitored, right? Data collection and user control in mobile applications is simply the next stage of data collection about us.

The worst part is that we do it unconsciously or simply accept this fate, because none of us want to be pushed to the social margins associated with being removed from social media. FOMO . syndrome The ‘fear of missing out’ has become so ingrained in us that this machine can no longer be stopped.

Big Fears, whose products are very popular, knows very well what they are doing to make us addicted to each other. They make products from us. Our job is to absorb advertising, to consume, to buy, and to lose ourselves in this rush.

Marcin Watemborski, journalist at Wirtualna Polska

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