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Time crystal appeared in Google’s quantum computer

Time crystal appeared in Google's quantum computer

final date time crystals It brings to mind futuristic technologies that we only heard about in science fiction movies. Meanwhile, scientists have been working on it for a long time. In the pages of Nature magazine A study has been publishedWhich indicates that time crystals can be made Quantum computers.

Scientists decided to use the machines of the future as an experimental platform for cognition and Discovering new phases of matter. Time crystals are among them. What are they? Ordinary crystals are formed when they are arranged in order as a result of interactions between atoms. Then they begin to form organized spatial structures, that is, the crystal lattice.

In the case of time crystals, it is the same, except that instead of repeating the same arrangement in space, it occurs at a specific time. The atoms in it show a pattern that repeats periodically. Under certain conditions They may repeat indefinitely.

Scientists explain that in a sense they perpetual motionbut at the same time They don’t break the laws of physicsBecause their entropy “remains constant over time, marginally obeying the second law of thermodynamics without decreasing”. Experiments were conducted using Sycamore Quantum Computer From Google confirms this.

During them, scientists began to form the crystal of time. For it to appear, they had to do it Destroy 20 qubits. The time crystal showed a multi-body localization state. This couldn’t be maintained for long Strange phase of matter, but scientists believe that the cycles can be lengthened, which will prolong the existence of time crystals.

Mastering crystal shaping and modeling in real time can be invaluable In studying the insane intricacies of quantum physics. Time crystals can also help us revolutionize many areas of our lives, for example Learn the secrets of the human mind Whether to create techniques that increase the possibilities of different materials.

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