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To downsize Patriots in the future. Three ministries to combat obesity in children and adolescents

To downsize Patriots in the future.  Three ministries to combat obesity in children and adolescents

The Ministry of Health takes care of children. The new strategy for their health will be implemented in schools that – apart from raising patriots – will be given the task of downsizing from the new year.

Deputy Education Minister Dariusz Piontkowski said last week in the Chamber of Deputies the fact that education policy should be designed so that future generations of Poles are only patriots (which must be guaranteed by curators). And in the Ministry of Health, around the same time, Adam Nidzelsky He grabbed his hands from the increasing obesity in children and adolescents, which will be curbed through a comprehensive program implemented in cooperation with the Ministries of Education and Sports.

However, before the hordes of slim patriots and athletes leave the walls of school institutions, a committee will meet and over the next three months will deepen knowledge about the health of students and formulate solutions that will slim them down, teach a healthy lifestyle and strengthen themselves.

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Obesity in children does not come out of nowhere

It has been known for a long time about the deteriorating health, physical and mental state of young people. The report presented by experts from the Institute of Mother and Child this time concerns eight-year-old children, but these results should not surprise anyone, because the growing proportion of overweight children, even the youngest, has been attracting attention in Poland for several years. What, however Interesting in this documentHealth status after a two-year pandemic isolation period. The lack of lessons in schools, the focus on distance learning that excludes sports activities, the significant increase in time spent in front of computers, and poor eating habits have worsened the situation.

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But let’s give the floor to the authors of the research conducted in 109 schools from 16 districts: Cases of overweight in 8-year-olds increased by 5% during the pandemic. (Already every fifth child this age is obese!), Only half of the kids are doing well, 17 percent more often than before the epidemic, used salty snacks, and 23 percent. Sweets 44 percent spend more time in front of a computer or television screen.

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The same researchers weighed and measured the eight-year-olds (25% of boys and 20% of girls had an abnormal waist circumference indicating the most severe form of visceral obesity), but they also used parental questionnaires.

I wonder if the adults have honestly admitted to them the habits they cultivate in their homes and which they pass on to the younger ones. Unwillingness to engage in physical activity, lack of incentives to play sports instead of spending free time playing games on smartphones and computers and, above all, an unhealthy diet – the lifestyle of children of a few years can only be the way allowed them out. They live in their families.

Will Minister Kazarnik come to the rescue?

Therefore, the Ministry of Health intends to start activities that will improve the health of the younger generation. But we will have to wait a long time for the results, because not only has the aforementioned team been given time by February to come up with specific ideas for a weight loss strategy, but only two years later we will find out the rate of students’ health is improving and the effectiveness of the interventions provided. The new study is set to begin with seven-year-olds, who will be evaluated regularly every two years for the first time as they progress into the next year.

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This is the right decision, but Minister Adam Nedzelsky’s other statements are only an echo of ideas that have been articulated for years at similar press conferences by his predecessors. The promise of closer cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Sports and Tourism is particularly poignant. Because although it is these ministries that have to bear the main burden of implementing solutions to improve the health of children and adolescents (experts from the Ministry of Health only have the competence to make recommendations and verify their effects), these solutions have never been possible to impose. them for such work.

For example, in 2019, the Ministry of Health asked the Ministry of Education to do this Children from schools and kindergartens avoid fast food restaurants – But the officials, of course, fell into this demand, because how do you formulate tastes with such generalizations? Now I’m afraid the couple will blow the whistle (the minister likes to announce far-reaching plans at press conferences, like the one he organized with the Mother and Child Institute administration on November 2), because the school by itself won’t help change habits if the parents still don’t know it .

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Health education is a task that we have to do in Poland, not only for the youngest, but also for caregivers and teachers. The school, which, by the will of the present Minister of Education, for the education of patriots only, will not particularly care to teach children that it is not worth sweetening tea, eggs, salt and eating cake between prayers.

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