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To the surprise of scientists, Africa has averted the Covid-19 catastrophe. Expert: What is the “mysterious” that’s going on

To the surprise of scientists, Africa has averted the Covid-19 catastrophe.  Expert: What is the "mysterious" that's going on

In Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, the government has so far recorded nearly 3,000 deaths among its 200 million inhabitants. The Indian Express said Friday that the United States records several deaths every two or three days.

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when Corona virus Appearing on the continent for the first time last year, health officials feared the spread of the epidemic AfricaMillions were killed and fragile health systems were destroyed. Although it is still not clear what the final harvest will be COVID-19This catastrophic scenario has not yet materialized.

In recent months, the coronavirus has hit South Africa and killed more than 89,000 people there. People, by far the largest number on the continent.

At the same time, scientists admit that in African countries it is very difficult to obtain specific data on the infection of the Corona virus, and they warn that the trend of reducing infection may be reversed.

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Corona Virus. Something ‘mysterious’ is happening in Africa

However, something “mysterious” is happening in Africa, which baffles scientists – said the professor. Wafaa Al-Sadr, director of infectious diseases at Columbia University.

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Africa is gone Vaccines And the measures to fight Covid-19 that are in Europe, but I think they are going better.”

In Africa, it’s just less than 6 percent. People are vaccinated. For months, the World Health Organization described Africa in its weekly epidemiological reports as “one of the least affected regions in the world”.

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Some scientists believe that the average lifespan on the continent – 20 compared to 43 in Western Europe, as well as the low degree of urbanization and life abroad, may have saved Africa from the deadly effects of the Corona virus so far. Research is also ongoing to see if there could be other explanations for the relatively low percentage on the continent, including genetic causes or exposure to other conditions.

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“We need vaccines to prepare for the next wave”

Authorities are accustomed to containing epidemics even without vaccination, said Christian Happy, director of the African Center for Infectious Disease Genomics at Redeemer University in Nigeria, attributing this to a wide network of social health workers. “It’s not always about how much you have Money Or how modern your hospitals are.”

Owewell Tomori, a Nigerian virologist who sits on several WHO advisory groups, has suggested that Africa may not even need as many vaccines as the West. This is a controversial idea but she says is the subject of serious debate among African scholars. At the same time, he asserts that he does not. Means Africa does not need vaccines.

“We need vaccines to prepare for the next wave,” said epidemiologist Abul-Karim from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, who previously worked as a COVID-19 consultant for the South African government. (PAP) jo/tibi/

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