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Today Trzaskowski will address the US Congress. You can watch it live on Onet

Today Trzaskowski will address the US Congress.  You can watch it live on Onet

  • The House of Representatives asked the mayor of Warsaw and officials in three other European cities to deliver a speech.
  • Rafael Trusskovsky participates in the debate on the state of democracy in Poland and in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • The discussion is to be held at a distance due to the epidemic situation
  • Similar information can be found on the Onet homepage

As We first reported on OnetOn Thursday, December 2, Rafal Trzaszowski will address a meeting of the Foreign Subcommittee of the House of Representatives on Europe, Energy, the Environment and Cybernetics. At the invitation of members of the House of Representatives, he participates in discussions on the status of democracy in Poland and in Central and Eastern Europe.

Congressmen were concerned about the state of democracy in Poland and Hungary

The discussion is to be conducted remotely Widespread epidemic situation. The president will not fly to Washington, where he will stay in Warsaw and talk to congressmen on the Internet.

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Nearby Rafal Trzaskovsky Budapest, Prague and Bratislava authorities will also be asked. This is not a coincidence. All four are signatories to the Free Cities Agreement. The aim of this initiative is to promote mutual cooperation and promote shared values ​​of democracy, freedom, human dignity, sustainable development and the struggle against democracy, nationalism, climate crisis and social inequality and stratification.

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The rest of the article is below the video:

– The US Congress is very concerned about the state of democracy in Poland and Hungary, but they also have questions about what is happening in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, so we will talk about the situation in our countries – Rafas Truskovsky said yesterday.

Trzaskowski: The rule of law in Poland is being further violated

As we have already written on Onet, the Mayor of Warsaw held a series of consultations before his speech. He spoke among others, including ambassadors. Marek Pravda and Raisard Schnep. He also met with representatives of the anti-homosexuality campaign because – as the president explained – members of the US Congress are concerned about the plight of the LGBT + people. He also spoke with representatives of the Free Courts, including the Ombudsman, Marcin Wisek, and Judge Wojciech Hermeliski. How the last elections were conducted.

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– It is important that this voice be the voice of all those who care about the democratic state of Poland. All my speakers – and I – are convinced that Poland is still a democracy, especially thanks to the strong opposition and strong civil society, and strong local governments. However, unfortunately, a country where the rule of law is often violated. I will talk about it in the pre-trial session of the US Congress – Trzaskowski announced yesterday.

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The session of the aforementioned Subcommittee on Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives for Europe, Energy, Environment and Cybernetics will begin at 10 a.m. US time, ie 16 p.m. We will broadcast them live on Onet.

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As we have already mentioned, the President’s speech in Warsaw is generally devoted to assessing the state of democracy and the rule of law and the protection of human rights in Central and Eastern Europe. There is a planned discussion covering issues of the rule of law, freedom of speech and the status of the justice system in Poland. Congressmen are also interested in the construction of Northstream 2 and the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border. Trzaskowski’s speech will be linked to questions about the situation in our part of Europe.

This is another discussion of the state of democracy in Poland and Hungary

This is not the first time in recent years that members of the US Congress have discussed democracy in Poland and Hungary. On November 3, the so-called Helsinki Commission in the US Congress convened a special inquiry into the erosion of democracy in Hungary and Poland. The three reporters presented to the Congress their expert views on the state of democracy in both countries. Members of Congress asked during the debate what the US government could do about the matter.

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Senator Ben Gardin said, “In recent years we have seen a weakening of democratic freedoms and respect for the rule of law in Poland and Hungary.” He highlighted “worrying trends” including attacks targeting the LGBT community. And Heather Conley, a former foreign diplomat in charge of Europe, pointed out that both countries should be held accountable and considered whether they are suitable locations for US troops.

On the other hand, Talibor Rohaux, a researcher at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank, said that “many American leaders on the conservative right are sympathetic to the current governments in Poland and Hungary, and that these countries are moving towards dictatorship.”

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