July 27, 2021

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Together for the health of Rafai Koprowski

Together for the health of Rafai Koprowski

In the fish shop “OTORYBKA” in Radomsko, a children’s fishing competition was held, along with a fundraiser for Rafai. The fishing competition is part of the “Together for Health for Rafai Koprovsky” event.

Oluya Karasik took first place with 4,640 points. At the same time, she caught the largest fish in the competition, the carp, almost 4 kg. Julia Gachemchak came in second place (1095 points), and Julian Strossik (730 points) came third.

Young fishermen were honored with diplomas, medals, and awards, and the organization and proper course of the competition were overseen by members of PZW Circle No. 27 “Fameg” in Radomsko.

The organizers have prepared a lot of attractions for all the festival participants who came here to help Rafał Koprowski. For the youngest, in addition to hunting struggles, there were puff games, games with soap bubbles, arcade games, face painting and sweet pastries. Older people may have been drawn to culinary specialties and good music. Everyone will be interested in Monika Leśniczuk’s vocal performance and firefighter specials.

Rafai Koprovsky – 24-year-old volunteer firefighter, paramedic, electrical engineering student at Czestochowa University of Technology. Every day, joyful, smiling, full of energy, dreams and ideas for life. Always ready to help, loved colleagues at the university and at work. Everything changed in October 2019, when he had an accident that changed his life for many years.

The list of injuries was long: multi-organ injuries, head contusion, hypoxia of the brain, multi-part open fracture of the lower leg, fracture of the femur, contusion of the lung, kidney, acute respiratory failure. At first, the doctors did not give him a chance to survive. He spent several weeks in a coma, lying in the intensive care unit. As he gradually began to wake up, the joy of parents and loved ones was indescribable – but it was just the beginning of the road. He worked hard during rehabilitation, recovering in a hospital in Radomsko, and then in special centers in Wroclaw and Konstanzin.

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In August, it turned out that the leg did not heal properly and additional surgery was necessary. It was necessary to start over – hospital, rehabilitation, exercises, treatment. Rifai was under the care of a neurologist the entire time, and underwent treatments aimed at facilitating synchronization of the cerebral hemispheres and returning to the state before the accident. After Augustus’ surgery, with perseverance, perseverance and rehabilitation, Rafai reached the state where he could perform activities that were simple and obvious to us, and for him it was the first sign of a return to “normal life”.

When everything started to go well and Rafai was doing better and better, once again an unexpected event brought the family back to the beginning. In December, a nail was broken in his leg after an accident. Another hospital and two more operations. Since the accident, Refai has undergone a total of 4 surgeries.

Rehabilitation, which lasted for more than a year, includes physical and neurological exercises – Rafay’s brain has not yet returned to full fitness. Necessary exercises and treatments are my rescue and hope to get back in shape before the accident happened. Although it has been more than a year since the accident, Rifai is dependent on others, and needs care in addition to physical, neurological rehabilitation and speech therapy. Unfortunately, in addition to the significant commitment of energy and time, rehabilitation also requires enormous resources. The sooner we collect the necessary amount, the higher the chances of Rafai coming back to life before the accident happened.

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