September 21, 2021

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Tokyo 2020. Basketball 3x3.  Ilya Karpenkov with his broken shoe lost in the final

Tokyo 2020. Basketball 3×3. Ilya Karpenkov with his broken shoe lost in the final

Latvia did not have an easy task in the final, because the representatives of the young, well-equipped Republic of China were still closer to winning the final and were in the lead until the middle of the match.

And the number of violations also stood out on the part of Russian basketball players, which gave them a comfortable position in short circles on the field. The tactic adopted by the players of the Republic of China in this case was simple – playing the ball on the “tall” Ilya Karpenkov.

Five minutes before the end of the scheduled meeting, Karpenkov was on the defensive and the soles of his shoes came off.

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The basketball player had another pair of shoes for a change, but he left them that day in a hotel room.

“I took one pair of shoes for the match. Who would have thought that this would happen? I will be more careful in the future. Usually the shoes do not deteriorate that way” – said Karpenko, who was devastated by the situation after losing the final.

Karpenkov repaired his broken shoe by gluing the sole to the rest of the shoe. For the rest of the match, he was clearly not comfortable. He slipped a few times, it was hard for him to make sudden turns, he lost his balance.

The Latvians won the match for the gold medal before 21:18 with a throw of 26.7 seconds before the end of time.


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