September 21, 2021

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Tokyo 2020. Flora Duffy wins a gold medal for Bermuda

Tokyo 2020. Flora Duffy wins a gold medal for Bermuda

The silver medal was won by Britain’s Georgia Taylor Brown, and the American bronze by Katie Zafris. Representatives of Poland did not start.

Therefore, Bermuda joined the medal standings of the Olympic Games in Tokyo with a powerful blow on the spot in the form of a gold medal.

The Olympic triathlon consists of swimming 1.5 km, cycling 40 km, and running 10 km. In this deadly competition, Flora Duffy turns out to be the best.

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In heavy rain and high winds, the Bermuda actress coped with her rivals and ran, fortunately, to the finish line.

Duffy was more than a minute ahead of the next players. Briton Taylor Brown lost 1 minute 14 seconds to the new champion, and American Zaffer finished 1 minute 27 seconds behind the best player.

1. Flora Duffy (Bermuda) 1:55.36

2. Georgia Taylor Brown (Great Britain) 1.14

3. Katie Zafris (USA) 1.27

4. Rachel Klammer (Netherlands) 2.12

5. Leonie Perrault (France) 2.13

6. Nicolas Spirig (Switzerland) 2:29

7- Alice Peto (Italy) 2.46

8. Laura Lindemann (Germany) 2:48

9. Jessica Learmonth (Great Britain) 2.52

10 – Valerie Barthelemy (Belgium) 3:13


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