October 19, 2021

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Tokyo 2020. Women's Football: USA - Canada.  Direct coverage and results

Tokyo 2020. Women’s Football: USA – Canada. Direct coverage and results

USA – Canada The first semifinal of the Olympic women’s football tournament. Both teams have different styles of games. Which is more effective? Live broadcast of the USA – Canada match from 10:00 on Polsatsport.pl!

The Americans started the Olympics badly. In the first group match they lost to Sweden 0: 3! They won the match against New Zealand 6: 1, but the main match was against Australia. The United States finished second in a goalless draw, a quarter-final match against goal-nose Dutch players with 21 wins in three games!

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Although they were unable to stop Vivian Maidema, who scored two goals, the promotion penalty was imposed. The Arsenal player there has already made a mistake. In the fourth series, Aneek Noven also missed and the Americans won 4: 2.

The Canadians were not so effective in the attack, but they are doing their job for now. In the group they were able to draw with Japan and Great Britain, who beat Brazil after a penalty in the quarterfinals. Will they cause another surprise in the 1/2 final?

Live broadcast of the USA – Canada match from 10:00 on Polsatsport.pl.

Thursday Summary of the Olympics at Studio Tokyo at 20:00 at the Polsot Sport Extra. At the event, Olympians, Polish delegates and experts comment on the most important and interesting events in Tokyo.

And every morning at 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 and 12:00 Flash Studio we report what happened at the Tokyo, Tokyo Olympics.

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