July 27, 2021

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Tom Cruise leaving Scientology?  Shocking news from abroad!

Tom Cruise leaving Scientology? Shocking news from abroad!

Tom Cruise isn’t keen on talking about his private life. The actor rarely gives interviews and performances in public, unless he is asked to do so in the promotion of a new film in which he is participating. There are no accounts in social profiles and strictly guarded about privacy

Lately, it’s been getting loud about him again, all thanks to London’s visit to the Euro 2020 final and Wimbledon final. He was accompanied by actor Hayley Atwell, who was praised by the foreign press as his girlfriend.

She is the reason Tom wants to stay away from Scientology. It turns out that the most recent part of “Mission: Impossible” was filmed, among other things, in the UK.

On his previous visits to the islands, Tom has usually stayed at Saint Hill Manor in East Grinstead – the British headquarters of the Church of Scientology.

This is a special place for Cruise, because in 2015 it was renovated, among other things thanks to his generous donation. Now it turns out that he did not appear for a moment. People close to Tom said he disagrees with Scientologists’ views on the pandemic.

Tom is said to be serious about leaving the church because he is well aware that he sacrificed so much for it. When he broke up with Katie Holmes, who left Scientologists, he stopped seeing his daughter.

The new bride persuades him to leave. Their relationship has not been confirmed by either party, but foreign media say that Tom does not want to sacrifice another love for the good of society …


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