October 21, 2021

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Tomas Kamil speaks for the first time about the departure of Marzena Rogalska!  What words...

Tomas Kamil speaks for the first time about the departure of Marzena Rogalska! What words…

Many have waited for these words for a long time! Thomas Camille (49 years old) has finally decided to comment on the departure of Marzena Rogalska. Many resented the announcer because, after many years of cooperation, he did not even make a short comment when the journalist decided to leave public television. Now the silence is finally broken!

At the beginning of the year, Marzena Rogalska took a shocking step. It turned out that the presenter decided to leave the public broadcaster and overnight ended her adventure with “Questions for Breakfast”, as well as with all the formats on TVP that she had been running for many years.

At that time, a large crowd of well-known colleagues encouraged and congratulated Marzini for her decision. However, Thomas Camille, who stubbornly remained silent and did not comment on media reports, did not decide to comment.

Fans even wondered if the former pair of drivers conflicted with each other. Insightful observers found out that they stopped following each other on Instagram, and joint photos disappeared from their profiles.

Marzena Rogalska was the first to break the silence and admitted that she only had a professional relationship with Tomasz Kamil and that they had never met outside of work.

Now Thomass Camille has decided to talk about the whole thing. In an interview with “Jastrząb Post” he admitted that he was fine with his new partner.

Apart from the compliments to Isabella, Krzan also mentions Marzina Rogalska.

Did you like the Kammel-Rogalska duo or do you prefer it side by side with your new partner?

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