July 28, 2021

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Tomasz Makovsky and his girlfriend roaming in Warsaw holding each other's hands (photos)

Tomasz Makovsky and his girlfriend roaming in Warsaw holding each other’s hands (photos)

Thomas Makowski and Rene Jesus They have been married for over 11 years and have two children together: 11-year-old Teophila and two years younger Gaia. Unfortunately, years later there was a crisis in their relationship. And so in 2019, The couple decided to divorce.

Thomas Makovitzky For some time now he is arranging his life side by side with his new sweetheart. A year after the divorce Rene Jesus جو The musician flaunted a photo on the web in the company of a mysterious brunette. Since then, the couple has been occasionally caught by the paparazzi as they went out together – some time ago the lovers were seen On a romantic walk in Sopot.

On Saturday, Makowski and his partner went instead for a walk in Warsaw, Which has not escaped the attention of the paparazzi. The musician, in a white shirt and torn shorts, wandered the streets of the capital, He talks with his partner and holds her hand.

On the same day, Tomek Makovitzki He also visited the studio “Dzień Dobry TVN”. The artist declared himself great return to the stage, After a break of more than 8 years. The 38-year-old has recorded a new song announcing his next album. However, as he revealed, fans will have to wait a little longer for his new release.


First I will surprise the listeners with the singles and only then will the album appear on the market – He announced.

Pandemic period was a time for me When everything was turned upside down, I reassessed. My plans fell into ruin. That’s when I started putting together this album – I acknowledge.

Watch how Thomas Makowski walks the streets of Warsaw with his lover. Are you looking forward to the premiere of his new album?