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Too much time in front of screens is linked to the risk of myopia

Too much time in front of screens is linked to the risk of myopia

Heavy exposure to screens can increase the risk of myopia in young people by up to 80%. – Scientists warned in the pages of the prestigious journal “The Lancet Digital Health”.

The authors of the discovery are researchers from Singapore, Australia, China and the United Kingdom. They analyzed more than 3,000 scientific publications on electronic device screen exposure and myopia in children and young adults aged 3 months to 33 years.

It turns out that a long time spent looking at a mobile phone screen is associated with an approximately 30% increase in the risk of developing myopia, and in combination with excessive computer use, this risk increases by up to 80%.

The authors stress that their findings are very important because during the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of children around the world have increased their time spent in front of screens, for example due to distance learning.

“It is estimated that by 2050 about half of the world’s population will be nearsighted. So it is a huge health problem that is getting worse very quickly – says Professor. Robert Bourne, ophthalmologist at Anglia Ruskin University and lead author. “Our study is the most comprehensive study of this issue. So far, it clearly shows that there is a link between screen time and myopia in young people.”

“As children use digital devices at an earlier age and increase the time they spend in front of screens, there is an urgent need to investigate exactly how these devices affect eye health in different populations. We need to better understand the role they play in the myopia epidemic,” the authors concluded. Article ( (PAP)

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