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Top Model: Mariana Schreiber withdrew from the show. who died?

Top Model: Mariana Schreiber withdrew from the show.  who died?

tenth edition”top model“It began, and the participants of the program will compete with each other in the fight for the title of best model or best model. Participants who aspire to work in the industry. jurors – David Wolinsky, Marcin Tesca, Joanna Krupa and Katarzina Sukwawska – You have already received the “Golden Ticket”, which gives you the opportunity to automatically enter the Exhibitor’s house without participating in the bootcamp. Veronica Zoe is the lucky owner of the next round pass. The girl appeared in the cast and impressed the jury with her appearance and figure. Joanna Krupa said: The post has a “personality bubble”, and only Marcin Tichka doubted whether it would make trouble at the models’ house.

Top Model 10. What happened in the third episode of the program?

19-year-old Olga opened the episode. The participant admitted that she had already participated in fashion shows, and when the designer saw her – Dawid Woliński, drew attention to the fact that the model had previously participated in his show.

It started with a funny tone Dawid Woliński. I made the same designer show Katarzyna SukwawskaAnd Who remembers the model?

The “Top Model 10” participant also shared the information that I participated in competitions Miss PolandBut with little success.

This comment made the participant amused Kasia Sokołowska. to ask Marcin Tishka About how she feels on the show, she replied:

The pre-model also spoke about her family history. Since she was nineteen years old, her mother has raised her alone.

You can find the rest of the article below the video:

After switching to a swimsuit, the model received positive verdicts from the jury.

“I’ll give you a chance!” – said Kasia Sokołowska.

“Such proportions? I want to see what’s next.” Marcin Tishka said

Dawid Woliński admitted that he would like to see the participant on the podium again. The jury gave the opportunity to Olga, who got to the next stage. Marcin Tishka Summarize the participant in words: sweet whim.

Then Helping participants from the previous version of “Top Model” was mentionedThey appeared on stage Marius Jakubowski And Ernest Morawski. The second is the model’s participation in a swimsuit session. Internet users found his behavior unprofessional, which was expressed in the comments:

Then it’s time for Victoria, winner of the Eurovision for Dancers and Ballet, and her boyfriend Marianne, who has been modeling in the Asian market for the past 3 years. The couple admitted it a lot Would you like to go to TVN together?

After they go to the catwalk in a bathing suit Dawid Woliński He said:

Then he added that they should appear on the show together or not at all. Kasia Sokołowska She was delighted with the participation and her talent for dancing. Marcin Tishka Admit that the participant has no width dimensions and is too short for the runway model.

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He didn’t like Marianne the juror, who said he was too quiet for a TV show.

Only Victoria went to the next stage. The boy admitted that he would support her in the struggle and now it was “her time”.

Top Model 10: Big excitement at boot camp

Subsequently, the jury had to make very difficult decisions and decide who would go to the training camp. One juror said in horror:

The selected participants drove their golf carts into the countryside. Laughing at the participants Michau Berog He said: They think they came to play golf. Kasia Sokołowska started her talk with the fact that Behind the participants is the first task.

Later, one of the participants, the son of a priest, appeared and said:

Bartosh Cloche He admits that dentures are his hallmark in this program, but sometimes he has doubts about how they will function afterward. Viewers also found out who won the silver ticket. Anya won the votes of the audiencewho works in Krakow on a daily basis producing music videos. The participants had the opportunity to get to know her first-hand and confront the girl who immediately went to the models’ house. Then the participants moved to summer house. They were surprised by the number of floors and the size of the rooms. Mariana Schreiber praised and praised lookwho was once addicted to drugs, he said on the show. The minister’s wife said she was a gentleman because he brought her bag into the room.

During the meal, Mikowaj Krawitsky told participants about his concerns:

The participants then expressed their concerns about the program and that some were afraid of water and could not swim. The first task was a sitting in the background of a 19th century village, As confirmed by juror Dawid Woliński. Stand behind the lens Matthews Nasternak. announce:

Subsequently, this was followed by a monologue by Mariana Schreiber in which he confessed:

Dawid Woliński did not like the approach of the minister’s wife, who had trouble choosing a design. The juror said:

Mariana Schreiber explained to the camera:

The participants were preparing to go to the sessions dressed in Scottish clothes. Sophie Mujar She admitted that when she got a job in Poland, she called her mother and told her about the situation. Then she remembered her story:

Later they went to the session and there were comments on the approach to the mission of Mariana Schreiber. Marcin Tishka gave her energy by saying:

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Mariana Schreiber replied:

Photographer’s response to the participant’s comment:

The participant replied:

The photographer summarized the discussion in the following words:

Sofia Mujar admitted that it would be good if Mariana Schreiber helped her, because she has dealt with horses before and has experience. Later, the wife of the PiS Minister personally admitted:

Marcin Teska and David Wolinsky paid tribute to the transgender Sofia Mukhar, who, according to them, looked very noble in the photos.

The second group of participants participated in the session that he performed Cagos W. Beers. He explained that he expected them to shoot dynamically. Michau Berog criticized Anya and Szymon for “too private and dirty faces”. The silver ticket winner, according to Joanna Krupa, looked like she was tired of the session. Kasia Sokołowska added:

Blanca later admitted that she felt as if she had destroyed the bullet. ukasz said instead:

When Victoria got off her horse, she began to improve in front of the lens, which the judges noted. During the wedding session, the jury unanimously chose Dominica and Eric as the best performing artists.

The following competition surprised the participants. They were supposed to take pictures with the alpacas. There was a moment of horror Pawe noticed that they were very aggressive during the session.

The next session was held during golden hour Against the background of a beautiful meadow. Bartosh Klosh appeared on the set in shorts, and commented on them with the words:

Mikao Pirog admitted that Olga was very confused during the session. Marcin Tesca added:

Pawe scored a plus from the jury for owning an alpaca. After time, the alpacas began to get used to it more easily, but the jurors were not happy with the photos anyway. Kacper Jasiński admitted this:

Olga drew Michai’s attention to the bad situation, but Bartosh Klosh rewrote his life story. He said:

Later, Mikowaj shared his notes on the “Top Model” participation:

At the end of the day, Michał Piróg discussed the tasks with the participants. Anya from Krakow decided she might have given the stain because she received a silver ticket and didn’t show what she could do. Anya, Victoria, Sophia, and Mariana felt they were not doing well. The first three participants raised their hands and said they were not satisfied with the session. There was also a confrontation between Olga and Mishaw Pirog, who told her that the outcome of the session was negative.

Michel Pirouge noticed that the girl was repeating his words and told her what he thought.

The girl responded to criticism with the words:

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The next day, the participants met groups of participants they had never seen before. The contestants participated in a fashion show during which they found out who will live in the house of the models and who will say goodbye to Top Model. Only those most wanted jurors on the show took to the runway during the fashion show.

“Best Supermodel”: who moved?

She was the first to move to the next stage Julia ZagicWhich led to the opening of the exhibition. The upgrade was announced later He was. The jury considered her performance to be absolutely stunning. Died Kasper JasinskiWhile he became the first boy to participate in the show. He said:

Łukasz Zarazowski, who was accused of the beauty of the master, had to say goodbye to “Top Model”. The jurors gave Olga a chance for itWho has previously participated in shows before the program. Kasia Sokołowska summed it up:

They kept Bartosh Klosh in suspense. Michał Piróg first grabbed his hand, and then invited him to the catwalk, which means that he will live in the house of models. Joanna Krupa noted:

Later, the jurors made the decision to enter the podium in connection with Nicole Akunchung. rated co-star Joanna Krupa Jamal:

Later he had to say goodbye to the program Pee. He came out on stage for that Mikowaj karaoke, which was very open, which was appreciated, among other things, by Kasia Sokołowska:

He got another chance Kacper Orenkiewicz. With ‘Top Model’ she had to say goodbye to that Mariana Schreiber. I went to the rest of the program And Victoria PaulichowskaWhich charmed the jury. Then Michał Piróg announced that a bad streak had begun and said goodbye to many participants. I went to the next stage Sophie MujarShe said:

It also reached the next stage Dominica OlatoskaWhich, according to the jury, worked well. look He will also face him in an upcoming episode. Anya, who won the trust of Internet users, withdrew from the program. Turns out, the last participant who closed the Models and Models house was Arcadius Bidic.

Joanna Krupa summed up the results in the words:

Marcin Tesca echoed her:

The next episode of “Top Model” will be available on Wednesday next week on TVN.

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