October 19, 2021

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Top Model.  Program transitions.  It was not without tears

Top Model. Program transitions. It was not without tears

before participating in “best model” It is worth thinking about your fears, because in a TV show you have to leave your comfort zone several times. Mainly with several appointments of jurors and production. The most problematic is the photo session that is disassembled, the one under water, at a high altitude or the one during which the participants have to stand, for example, with snakes. The first stressful moments appear at the beginning of the program. It is about the day each participant undergoes a transformation.

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Top Model. The transformations of participants in the tenth edition

Participants in the jubilee edition of the programsummit The model “has undergone a transformation and can boast of new images. As was the case with each release, some people reacted very emotionally to the HairstylesMade by the hairdresser. It seems that the ambitious models were more enthusiastic about change. Worse with future models. Some of them have been rooting for a long time Poetry Seeing a violent cut was frightening to them. Olga found out about this, thinking that she was not afraid of any change, but then she was not satisfied.

I feel a little naked. This hair is making me look a little bit like a boy. (…) I did not realize that this poetry is important to me. I wasn’t supposed to be hysterical. I thought everything would be fine, but no. It’s okay – she admitted in an interview with Marcin Tishka and in front of the cameras.

True, the show girls Arno Olga, and she was not satisfied, and at one point decided that she looked … a hunter!

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Olga from the movie Top ModelOlga from the movie Top Model Instagram / topmodelpolskatvn / photo. Janek Krishchak

Photos before and after all participants of the tenth edition can be found in our gallery.

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