October 23, 2021

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Top Model.  The barber receives death threats to cut Olga's hair.  "I don't regret it"

Top Model. The barber receives death threats to cut Olga’s hair. “I don’t regret it”

Wednesday’s episode of the programtop model“It caused a lot of feelings among the audience, and that Thanks to the transformation that participants undergo under the supervision of professional hairdressers. However, most of the contestants now have new hairstyles The biggest reason was the transformation of Olga Kroll, who had her hair cut off. Fans of the program did not like it very much and poured out their regrets in the comments under the girl’s photo on the “Top Model” profiles on social networks. Many of them argued that Olga Kroll now looks like a “peasant” and not a woman.

Olga Kroll comments on her transformation in “Top Model”

She herself spoke about her transformation on the Instagram report. In a short video she recorded on Instagram, she said:

Then she pointed to her new photo. Olga Kroll said:

You can find the rest of the article below the video:

Top Model. The barber receives death threats to cut Olga’s hair

Viewers of “Top Model” received much less from Olga Kroll’s transformation. They could not come to terms with the new haircut of the participant of the program that they began to attack the hairdresser responsible for the “sharp cut” of the girl. Some of the messages were so disgusting, the haters threatened the man with death. Łukasz Urbański, because we are talking about him, is aware of everything on Instagram. Under the photos of Olga Kroll wrote:

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“I have never wished anyone bad, I have never hurt anyone, and certainly not on purpose. And I get messages like I’m a killer. Well, I can handle it! But if it happened to a mentally weak person, I think it would have ended tragically! Do you really have to do that? “- he added.

Finally, Łukasz Urbański noted the effects of his work. he wrote:

Łukasz Urbański also showed on Instagram one of the gruesome messages he received from a viewer who was unhappy with Olga Król’s transformation.

Photo: Instagram / drawing

Łukasz Urbański on Instagram

Earlier, the hairstylist collaborating with Top Model pointed out the widespread criticism of his work in A short conversation with Thuraya. Surprised by the audience’s reaction, he told us:

“Of course, someone might not like the transformation. It’s normal. But let’s think about how women who can’t have long hair due to genetic reasons are supposed to feel? Or because of illness? They are also »babochłopami«? He asked: Have they lost their “femininity” too?

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