October 18, 2021

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Totalizator Sportowy develops a network of slot machines

Totalizator Sportowy develops a network of slot machines

After the pandemic-related disruption in slot machine operation, Totalizator Sportowy continues to develop the network and plans to further expand the pace. The company’s 600th slot machine room was opened in the Warsaw district in Rembertów.

The network of slot machine arcades outside the casinos is constantly expanding in terms of presentation and location, as well as technological solutions, which confirms TS. In slot machine salons, Totalizator Sportowy customers can access games from 10 suppliers and available in more than 20 types of machines. In total, customers can enjoy more than 640 games and two models of automatic roulette.

In the last days of May, Totalizator Sportowy has opened more than 50 new customer locations, which are set to open already during the closing period. The company plans to open 700 arcade slots by the end of June.

The pandemic has significantly affected the performance of the arcades in terms of player behavior and preferences. Due to the temporary closure of physical sites, some customers have naturally moved to the online channel. Totalizator Sportowy hopes that thanks to the current growing demand for legal slots and the return of customers to this type of entertainment, it will be possible to continue pre-pandemic expansion trends in the slot network outside of casinos.

Evolution also relates to the technological aspect. The network is currently supported by a new central system, which Totalizator Sportowy is directly responsible for its development. The system implemented is aimed at improving the management of the growing number of showrooms and ensuring that they can be developed effectively – including the creation of new sales support tools.

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As the company knows, in order to be able to participate in the game, as well as stay in the arcade game room, the player is required to confirm the age of majority by showing identification. Players also have the opportunity to take advantage of mechanisms that enhance self-control, including by setting time and amount limits before the game begins. This is the result of the provisions of the Gambling Act, according to which Totalizator Sportowy is charged with implementing a state monopoly in the field of slot machine games outside of casinos. The law aims to reduce the social consequences of gambling and reduce the shadow economy in gambling. According to the law, in a small area, there may be one slot machine for every 1,000 inhabitants.