July 28, 2021

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Toyota Yaris Cross - the debut of the hybrid SUV in Poland

Toyota Yaris Cross – the debut of the hybrid SUV in Poland

The new Toyota Yaris Cross seeks to expand the range of hybrid city cars with urban SUVs. Toyota announces that this model appears for the first time in the B-SUV class, and that the new car will continue its traditions at the same time – the urban Yaris and the brand’s SUV.

Toyota Yaris Cross – hybrid city SUV with all-wheel drive

Yaris Cross is built on the same platform as the Yaris (TNGA Series GA-B). For example, it has the same track, but is a bit longer and wider and offers a larger luggage compartment. We have 397 or 320 liters at our disposal, depending on whether we choose the front-wheel drive version or the AWD-i model with all-wheel drive, which is equipped with an electric motor located in the rear. The cross is 24 cm longer than the Yaris, 6 cm longer and has a greater ground clearance.

The engine range includes two power units – the option of a 1.5-liter (125 hp) petrol engine, combined with a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission, and the Hybrid Dynamic Power system, which is also based on the 1.5-liter engine. Engine power is 116 hp. In addition, there is also an all-wheel drive (AWD-i) option, in which the rear axle is powered by an electric motor. The system works similarly to the Toyota RAV4 – it is intended to improve grip on slippery surfaces and improve mobility on uneven roads. In the AWD-i version, the Yaris Cross also received a multi-link rear suspension and systems that support off-road driving. We have the Trail Mode Off-Road Selector that balances the distribution of traction between the axles, locks the slip wheels to improve traction, and Hill Descent Assist.

It is worth noting that the drive systems, with the exception of the electric motor, mounted on the rear axle, are manufactured in Poland.

Toyota Yaris Cross – equipment prices and releases

New Yaris Cross available (It can already be ordered, although it is not yet available in showrooms) in five levels. You can choose from Active, Comfort, Executive, Terrain Adventure, and Limited Premiere Edition. The latter will only be available this year. Active is available with a 1.5 Dynamic Force engine and six-speed manual gearbox, or with a hybrid drive and front-wheel drive. The Comfort Edition can be ordered with all drivetrains, while the Executive, Adventure and Premiere Edition are only available with Hybrid and Hybrid 4WD.

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The basic version is equipped with: Toyota Touch 2 multimedia system with USB, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as Toyota Connected Car connectivity services, Toyota Safety Sense active safety systems package in the latest version 2.5. For example, intersection collision avoidance system, power steering in the event of a collision, and adaptive intelligent cruise control are standard. In this series, as in the Yaris, we also have seven airbags with a central airbag between the front seats. The active version is available from PLN 74,900, Comfort from PLN 78,900, and Executive from PLN 111,900.

In addition, the Yarisa Cross can also be ordered in the Adventure Off-Road Edition, which features a two-tone body, bumper guards, roof rails, 18-inch wheels and an interior with distinctive touches for this version. The new Toyota Smart Connect multimedia system, which debuted with the Yaris Cross, is standard here. It has a 9-inch HD color touch screen, a variable interface, faster operation, and online functions such as real-time traffic information. The combination with this system also includes the transfer of prepaid data for 4 years.

Speaking of the new multimedia system, the new Yaris Cross can also be equipped with a 360-degree camera system and Toyota TeamMate automatic parking system. Unfortunately, it cannot be combined with the new infotainment system.

The Premiere Edition also features a power tailgate, HUD, and leather upholstery. The Yaris Cross Hybrid Adventure Edition is available at PLN 115,900, and the Premiere Edition is PLN 122,900. The latter variety is only available this year.

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The first Yarisy Cross will be delivered to its new owners in October. The new model is already getting a lot of attention. Almost 400 copies have already been ordered. Interestingly, most of them come with a richer version of the equipment, 75 percent. hybrid.

Toyota Yaris Cross – first impressions

It’s hard to resist the impression that Yaris Cross has a very good chance of becoming the next Yaris, one of the best-selling cars in EuropeToyota sales success. The possibilities are really great, because the Cross is more comprehensive than the Yaris, and above all has the main advantage of the domestic market, a large fund (larger than the CH-R). Luggage space is practical, too. First of all, the rear row seats can also be folded in proportions 40:20:40, with the armrest making up the middle part. Secondly, the floor of the box can be on two different levels, and this can also be divided (as in the case of the sofa). It is a pity that the armrest is made entirely of plastic.

Photo: Paweż Krzyżanowski / Auto Świat

In addition, the Yaris Cross is a B-class SUV that is used by an increasing number of customers. This segment is often “chewed” up to the compact market. No wonder, because customers are looking for small cars that are easy to drive around the city, easy to park, and at the same time a little different from other cars. Naturally, their choice falls on small SUVs. The entire segment is growing in a row and currently has 22 different models, and soon there will be more of them.

The third is the customer’s own reaction. Almost 400 Yaris Cross were ordered blindly, because in the showrooms the car will only be available to see with your own eyes. What’s more, most are richer versions of the equipment and are up to 75 percent off. of them are hybrids. The latter is not surprising, because the same Yaris drive system works great – it is economical and at the same time provides sufficient dynamics. And here you can also get it with all-wheel drive. The possibility of towing a trailer weighing up to 750 kg is also important for some.

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As for the interior, here we have more or less the same thing as in Lariat, that is, elegant and aesthetic. However, it is too early to final assess the quality of the materials inside and the accuracy of the assembly, because we were dealing with a pre-production sample. However, given how the interior of the Yaris is made (and the cross is likely to be of the same quality or at least very similar, because when it comes to design, they are basically identical), there should be no cause for concern in this regard. The optional wireless charger is a plus too.

On the plus side, but also on the downside, the Yaris Cross has a new infotainment system. Toyota Smart Connect shows a significant improvement over its predecessor, which can also be ordered for Yaris Cross and … This should be done if we want, for example, a 360-degree camera system and Teammate automatic cornering system (by the way, very interesting, because it is capable to remember a permanent parking place). These systems are not able to communicate with the new system (we wrote about the system itself a few paragraphs above) and if you decide to use them, you will have to choose the older option.

However, the standard safety gear looks pretty good. Standard is Toyota Safety Sense 2.5, the newer version (the same as on the Yaris) with sequential adaptive cruise control, anti-collision system at intersections, lane-keeping assist and a system that recognizes road signs. In the three richer versions, it also includes a rear cross-traffic alert with braking function and a blind-spot monitor in the mirrors.