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Trading Sundays December 2021. When does it fall?

Trading Sundays December 2021. When does it fall?

Verb made progressive Sunday trading banned in PolandIt came into effect at the beginning of March 2018. Two years later, the government finally decided not to implement the trade ban seven Sundays a year.

In 2021, there were already five of them, and according to the regulations, we can go to stores for the last time at the end of August, although many retail chains have been avoiding trade bans for some time.

According to the calendar, Sundays in December 2021 fall on December 5, 12, 19 and 26. From this list, as a trade list, we can remove the Sunday that falls on the second day of Christmas, i.e. December 26. It is an official holiday and at the same time Official holidayTherefore, on the last Sunday of December this year, we will definitely not be making purchases.

It was not possible to fill the shopping baskets in the galleries the day before St. Nicholas’ Day, Sunday December 5.

The exceptions to the trade ban will be on Sundays that fall on December 12 and 19. The pre-Christmas period is the time when Poles go shopping en masse. The government is aware of this and, as was the case a year ago, is allowing trading on the Sunday before Christmas.

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As on the current day, also in 2022, the trading ban will apply on all but seven of Sundays. When is trading on Sunday?

According to the calendar, we can easily enter stores and showrooms on the last Sundays of January, April, June and August.

Additionally, there will be two days before Christmas in December and one before Easter in April. Here, the legislator also states that Poles will go shopping in droves before Christmas, to stock up on more.

Trading takes place on Sundays on the following days:

  • January 30 2022
  • April 10 2022
  • April 24 2022
  • June 26 2022
  • August 28 2022
  • December 11 2022
  • December 18 2022

In 2022, another important change awaits us. A new trade regulation will go into effect on February 1. This is to reduce the work of stores that bypass the provisions of the ban on trading on Sundays and holidays by providing postal services.

This popular practice exploited loopholes in applicable regulations.

The government hopes that following the changes, the ban on trading on Sundays and public holidays will be tightened. On such days, from February 1, 2022, stores providing postal services will be able to open their doors, provided that they receive at least 40 percent of the proceeds from such activities. Stores that do not meet this requirement will not be able to open on Sundays.

that this year Trading on Sundays in December 2021 It only falls on December 12 and 19, but that doesn’t mean we won’t make purchases on the other two. There is a full list of shops open on Sundays where we can buy essentials.

Aside from places that bypass regulations by opening on Sundays using the “post office” method, for example, franchise stores can sell. These include, among others, Żabka stores.

The ban on trading on Sundays does not apply to owners of local shops, provided that they themselves accept customers. Gas stations and restaurants are also open. You can also count on the service in selected stores at railway stations.

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