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Transparent solar panels. Thanks to them, windows can produce electricity

Transparent solar panels are a solution thanks to which electricity can be produced, for example, through windows. Unfortunately, the problem for many years has been the low light transmission and the limited effectiveness of such a solution. However, the long-awaited breakthrough appears to have taken place thanks to researchers at the University of Michigan.

Solutions that combine electrical production with transparent surfaces have been offered for many years, however, they are far from commercial. Aside from the price, there are two major issues standing in the way.

The first is the relatively low light transmittance, which makes it Photovoltaic panels They do not provide sufficient interior lighting (the problem is solved by Polish technology, among other things sleeve glass).

The second obstacle for a long time was low efficiency transparent solar panelsThis deprived them of being considered a source of power of real importance. However, engineers from the University of Michigan have developed a technology that allows the production of transparent panels with parameters that allow them to be used as one of the layers of window panels.

This solution is described by the Świat OZE website: “Transparent solar cells are based on organic photovoltaic (OPV) technology, that is, those whose composition uses carbon compounds. They have many advantages, including low cost, less complex production process or flexibility ” .

The challenge currently facing the engineering team is to find a solution to create electrical connections between the transparent panels. Solving this problem will open the way for the use of space windows for electricity production.

ukasz Michalik, journalist at Gadgetomania

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