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Traveling in Europe during a pandemic with children. Find out what you want to know

Podróżowanie po Europie wciąż wiąże się z koniecznością przedstawiania ujemnych testów na obecność koronawirusa. Zazwyczaj zwolnione są z tego małe dzieci, ale nie ma jednolitych reguł. Do Chorwacji bez badania wjadą dzieci do 12 lat, a do Grecji - do 5 lat.

Travel in Europe still requires submitting negative tests for the presence of the Corona virus. Young children are usually exempted, but there are no uniform rules. Children up to 12 years old will go to Croatia without a check and to Greece – up to 5 years old.

When you travel to Italian The duty to present the results of the text Children up to two years old.

The age limit is the highest in this case Croatia, Where are you exempt from exams? Children up to 12 years old Traveling with their parents or guardians. The latter must meet requirements such as submitting a negative antigen test result – at least 48 hours in advance. – or polymerase chain reaction – performed as soon as 72 hours. before arrival. You can show your Covid-19 immunization certificate instead of the test (must have passed 14 days after the second dose) or a test confirming infection within 180 to 11 days before the planned introduction.

Easing restrictions in Europe. You must know this before traveling abroad

Easing restrictions in Europe.  You must know this before traveling abroad

When you travel to Greece No need to show test to Children up to 5 years old. Older children follow the same rules as adults. Tourists must submit a negative result for the PCR test that was performed no later than 72 hours later. before arrival. Exempted from passing the full course of vaccination against Covid-19 (Must have been 14 days since the last dose was given) or a certificate of injury (9 to 2 months prior to arrival).

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Tourists are going to Spain He must present a negative result for an antigen test or PCR that was performed no later than 72 hours later. before arrival. They are exempt from this obligation Children under 6 years olda. According to the Spanish government’s announcement, from Monday, people who took the second dose of the vaccine at least two weeks ago will be able to enter without having to submit the test.

When crossing the border Italian A negative antigen or polymerase chain reaction test result must appear 48 hours in advance. This is not the case Children under the age of two years.

When you travel to Portugal Similar regulations apply. Also in this country there is no need to take a test Children under two years old. All other persons must submit the results of the test taken no later than 72 hours before the flight.

When you travel to Cyprus They are exempt from the obligation to submit test results Children up to 12 years old. Other people must show a negative PCR test performed within 72 hours. before flight or Document confirming receipt of vaccinations.

W Bulgaria The test is not required Children under the age of 5 years. Other travelers must provide a negative antigen test result (maximum 48 hours before) or PCR (at least 72 hours before) upon entry. Instead of the test, you can provide a certificate of vaccination (the second dose must be taken at least two weeks before admission) or a certificate of infection.

Flight to Malta Polish tourists still have to submit a negative PCR test result at the airport at least 72 hours in advance. This is not the case Children up to 5 years old.

driving in Turkey It is necessary to submit a negative result of the PCR test, which is carried out no later than 72 hours. before the trip begins. They are exempt from this obligation Children up to 6 years old.

Tourists are going to Egypt You must meet the same criteria. They can also travel to this country without a test Children up to 6 years old.

the black Mountain No coronavirus test required يتطلب Children under 5 years old. All other travelers must show a negative test result (PCR or antigen), vaccination certificate or test confirming antibody production against SARS-CoV-2, not older than 30 days.

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Albania and Macedonia are one of the few countries in the world that Polish citizens can enter without having to submit a test result.

In accordance with the recommendations of the European Commission on the gradual easing of travel restrictions announced on May 31, minors accompanying their parents should be released from quarantine if their guardians do not have to go through them. The European Commission also recommends against requiring travel-related tests for children under 6 years of age.

From July 1, EU Covid certification will work in all EU countries, facilitating travel throughout Europe. The certificate, in electronic or paper form, will contain a QR code confirming the Covid-19 vaccination, coronavirus test result, or the presence of an infection. Poland is one of the seven EU countries that have already issued and honored this certificate.

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