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Treating high blood pressure requires discipline. Remember that

Nadciśnienie tętnicze

Only 25 percent. People with high blood pressure are treated and achieve treatment goals. The rest of the people are not treated or not treated properly. a. Przemysław Mitkowski explains how often the pressure should be tested and what the first pressure measurement should look like.

Hypertension in Poland is an invisible disease. At least 10 million Poles suffer from it, only a quarter of whom treat the disease and achieve therapeutic goals. The rest either do not know they have high blood pressure or know that they do, but they do not treat the disease or treat it in vain.

– High blood pressure does not hurt, so we begin to worry about it only when it leads to some complications, has to visit an emergency hospital, or is diagnosed during another illness – said the professor. Przemyslaw Mitkowski, cardiologist and president of the Polish Society of Cardiology, added that the general statistics on arterial hypertension are underestimated, because they take into account the adult population aged 17-79 years, children and people over 80 years old with Hypertension. . His experience shows that more than 40 percent. People in doctors’ offices have increased pressure parameters at least once.

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Why don’t many people get treatment for high blood pressure?

Untreated high blood pressure can lead to heart attack, stroke, hemorrhagic and hemorrhagic stroke, disability and even death. So why do not many people want to treat this disease?

– Because they do not understand the seriousness of the situation – believes the professor. And Mitkowski adds: – Many people explain why they are not treated and say: “I feel good, my head does not hurt.” Meanwhile, headache is not a typical symptom of high blood pressure. After all, the head may hurt in people with normal high blood pressure.

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Besides – according to prof. Mitkowski – treatment of hypertension requires a certain regime, because you will probably have to take antihypertensive pills for the rest of your life. Of course, the treatment can be modified, sometimes new tablets are added, sometimes the dose is reduced, but once you start, you have to continue for the rest of your life.

– I have a clinical observation that if a man gets sick and there is no nice woman next to him who will check whether he takes these pills, then such a man dies – the professor believes. Mitkowski adds: – When a patient comes to me and asks about the medicines you are taking, he usually answers: “I don’t know, my wife knows”, or “I don’t know, my wife gives it to me.” “

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How do you measure blood pressure correctly?

– We’re not particularly interested in one size. The methodology is determined precisely, regardless of whether the measurement was checked by a doctor or we did it ourselves – the expert explains and adds: – the first
Lifetime blood pressure should be measured on two arms (right and left arm). An important note here, wrist-based devices are not suitable for measuring and monitoring blood pressure. They are toys, not diagnostic tools.

What else is worth knowing about?

– For subsequent measurements, we always choose the lever on which the pressure was highest. If the difference between these two measurements does not exceed 10 millimeters of mercury, then we separately calculate the average for systolic pressure and separately diastolic pressure and enter it into our documentation – explains Prof. Mitkowski adds: – It is very important before each visit to the doctor to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment and measure pressure at least 3 days and preferably 7 days before the visit. The first measurement should be taken in the morning before taking the morning tablets and the second measurement in the evening about 12 hours later. And with 14 measurements we go to the doctor.

When is high blood pressure diagnosed?

– If a person’s blood pressure values ​​are less than 120/80 mmHg, we consider it optimal blood pressure. And such a person, as long as there are no other risk factors, such as
Kidney disease, diabetes or high cholesterol levels, he can take more blood pressure measurements within 5 years – the cardiologist explains and adds: – The next group is normal blood pressure, that is, values ​​​​below 130/85 mm Hg. In this group, we perform the next series of measurements within 3 years, unless other risk factors or diseases are present.

Another group – according to the professor’s account. Witkowski – a group of people with normal high blood pressure, i.e. less than 140/90 mmHg, and this is the group in which measurements must be taken every year. If they have other risk factors, consideration should be given to initiating treatment, initially non-pharmacological and then pharmacological.

Finally, we have three categories of hypertension. From values ​​of 140/90 mm Hg and above, we diagnose arterial hypertension. There is only one important note, these standards for measurements in the doctor’s or nurse’s office, because in home conditions the measurements should be 5 mm less, that is, they should not exceed 135 x 85 mm Hg – the cardiologist explains.

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Symptoms that may appear with high blood pressure

A throbbing headache, redness of the cheeks, tinnitus, blurred vision, sometimes chest pain – these are symptoms that may or may not be associated with high blood pressure.

– The simplest verification process is taking an arterial measurement – the professor confirms. And Mitkowski adds: – Sometimes patients say that they have such high blood pressure. There is no such thing. It’s just that either there is high blood pressure or it is not. If a person talks about jumping from high blood pressure, then most likely he has arterial hypertension.

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The above advice cannot replace a visit to a specialist. Remember that in case of any health problems, consult a doctor.

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