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Treatment of birth defects in a clinic in Lodz. We visit her in the “Your Health” series.

Treatment of birth defects in a clinic in Lodz.  We visit her in the "Your Health" series.

Every year about 4,000 babies are born at the Institute “Polish Mother’s Health Center” in ód. children. There, doctors see more than a thousand premature babies from all over Poland. Some babies are born prematurely at the Institute in Lodz. The smallest baby born to a rescued Polish mother was a 350-gram baby girl.

Department of intensive care and congenital defects of newborns and infants For many years, it was a leading center specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of newborns with birth defects. Helps babies who are unable to breathe independently and need support, as well as babies born long before their due date.

In the bedside clinic, or rather in the incubator of the sick newborn, there is a team of specialists in the fields of cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery, surgery, urology, neurology, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, ENT, rehabilitation and providing comprehensive treatment for young patients.

Treatment using modern medical equipment and monitoring systems based on modern technology.

The Lodz Clinic offers comprehensive care for newborns with the most severe birth defects:

  • hearts including. Transposition of the transposition of large arterial trunks, left hypoplastic left heart syndrome
  • Abdominal integration including. Gastritis and umbilical hernia
  • Digestive including. esophageal obstruction, intestinal obstruction
  • Respiratory system and diaphragm including. Hiatal hernia, congenital pulmonary adenoma, and sequestration
  • The central nervous system including. Meningeal and meningeal hernias, hydrocephalus, vascular malformations

The clinic also takes care of newborns respiratory failure Whatever the reason, mechanical support is required. For the treatment of newborns with Pulmonary arterial hypertension They use inhaled nitric oxide.

Lodz: We visit the Institute “Polish Mother’s Health Center”

Wedge: We'll visit the institute "Polish Mother's Health Center"

Children with the most severe form of respiratory failure who do not respond to conventional treatment are offered ECMO support. The clinic is the first and only neonatal intensive care unit in Poland, providing extracorporeal support, the so-called “artificial lung – heart”. During this procedure, therapeutic hypothermia may be used in newborns at risk of brain damage due to severe hypoxia.

In the treatment of respiratory failure, doctors use modern methods of breathing support, ranging from non-invasive support, through various support positions that work even with premature newborns – to high-frequency invasive (HFO) and non-invasive (HFNC) breathing.

For the comfort of our patients, pain (NIPE) and oxygenation (NIRS) are monitored.

Most of the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in some cases – including surgical – are carried out “by the bed”, or rather in the incubator, in order to ensure the greatest comfort for young patients.

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