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Trichinosis – causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention

Trichinosis - causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention

Trichinella It is sometimes a very dangerous disease caused by a parasitic nematode called Curly hair. It is a small parasite of no more than a few millimeters. It affects not only humans, but also various animals, including Pigs, foxes, cats, bears, and rats.

A person can become infected with trichinosis only after eating meat contaminated with the larvae of the parasite. Most often it is Pork or gamethat have not been properly heat treated before ingestion. This is because Trichinella larvae die under the influence of high temperature, for example during frying or baking, and lose their ability to cause symptoms of disease.

After eating contaminated meat, the larvae in the stomach lose their shell and can pass into the small intestine. There they transform into adults, which gives rise to a new generation of larvae. Then it penetrates the intestinal wall and spreads throughout the body. It penetrates into the striated muscles, tongue, heart, brain and lungs, which leads to the development of inflammation and numerous complications.

Symptoms experienced by a patient with trichinosis It depends greatly on the stage of infection. Initially, the presence of adults in the intestine can cause nausea, vomiting, heartburn and diarrhea. These symptoms usually appear 10-14 days after infection.

However, when the production of larvae begins and they enter the blood, the patient’s condition worsens – swelling, muscle pain, fever and a feeling of weakness appear. They are also special blood leakage into the nailsWhich appear as small dark spots on the nail plate. In people with severe disease severity and wide spread of larvae to various organs, it can occur Brain inflammation And the PneumoniaAs well as disturbances in heart function or strong muscle contractions.

In the diagnosis of trichinosis, a number of tests are used, which not only determine the cause of the disease, but also assess the general health of the patient. First of all, he distinguishes himself The level of antibodies in the blood against spirochetesWhich appear very quickly, already in the second week after infection. In addition, an extract from the deltoid muscle can also be taken for definitive confirmation of infection.

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