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Trump buried his ex-wife on the golf course. The reason is shocking – O2

Trump buried his ex-wife on the golf course.  The reason is shocking - O2

Donald Trump decided to make Ivana’s last resting place The Trump National Golf Club will be in Bedminster, NJ. The billionaire declares that he wants to be buried there in the future. At the moment, the cemetery is very modest, decorated only with flowers and a simple painting.

Donald Trump buried his first wife on a golf course. wanted to save

Many in the public have publicly expressed surprise that Donald Trump did not bury his first wife in a “better” place. It was suspected that the case should have a second bottom. Now it turns out that the former president’s decision was likely… to avoid taxes!

One person who has been affected by the issue of Ivana’s grave is Brock Harrington. A professor of sociology at Dartmouth College, in a tweet on Twitter, accused the former president of wanting to save money and not honoring the memory of his first wife and offering a dignified burial.

As a tax expert, I’ve been skeptical of rumors that Trump buried his ex-wife in this sad, small and dirty stretch of golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey, just to get tax breaks. So I checked (…) and folks… It’s a triple tax avoidance method. Brooke Harrington wrote on Twitter that he avoided property, income and sales taxes.

Phoebe Wall Howard, a reporter for the Detroit Free Press, has a similar opinion. Her calculations also show that Donald Trump saved a lot by hiding the mother of his two older children on the golf course.

New Jersey law exempts land used as a cemetery from income, sales, and use tax. Phoebe Wall Howard (Salon) said burying Ivana Trump at the Trump National Golf Club would likely provide a huge tax cut.

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