October 18, 2021

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Trump threatened to boycott the US election

Trump threatened to boycott the US election

Former President Donald Trump issued a statement Wednesday threatening Republican voters to boycott the 2022 and 2024 elections if last year’s alleged election fraud is not “resolved.”

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Election boycott

If we do not solve the 2020 presidential election fraud, we have fully and unequivocally documented that Republicans will not vote in ’22 or ’24. This is the most important thing that Republicans can do

– The former president wrote in a statement. He referred to the Congress elections in 2022 and the presidential elections in 2024.

Trump’s announcement claims that the former president’s biggest election fraud has been proven. For the first time, however, he threatened to boycott the election for this reason. It is unclear what he means by “judging” the alleged fakes, but in recent weeks he has called on state governments to “audit” the 2020 vote.

Election fraud?

In Marigopa County, Arizona, the cyber ninjas appointed by the Republicans (his boss preaches the principle of mass fraud) did not provide evidence of forgery. Still, similar efforts are underway in other major states where Trump lost the election: Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Michigan, and Texas, where he won.

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At a weekend rally in Des Moines, he stressed that fraud and “stolen” elections were the most important issue for his constituents and that his sensational rallies were causing huge applause among the audience. Research confirms this; According to a CNN survey, 78 percent. Republican voters believe Trump won last year’s election, and more than half say they have hard evidence.

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