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Trzaskowski downplayed Nord Stream 2. How are his fellow PO’s reacting to his words now?

Trzaskowski downplayed Nord Stream 2. How are his fellow PO's reacting to his words now?

Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting of the Russian government, among other things, that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline would contribute “to the stabilization of gas prices in Europe.” Construction of a gas pipeline running from Russia to Germany at the bottom of the Baltic Sea bypassing Ukraine was completed in September. However, NS2 has not been approved by German and European Union regulators. The Nord Stream 2 certification process is expected to be completed no later than the end of the first half of 2022.

The NS2 issue is being used by Russia to blackmail energy and raise gas prices. European politicians increasingly boldly criticize the German project, which, contrary to their assertions, turns out to be a serious problem.

It is worth remembering that In 2015, the current President of Warsaw, Rafai Trzaskovsky, estimated that Nord Stream 2 is a “private corporate agreement”.

Most importantly, it is the theme of Nord Stream 2. There is already an agreement signed with initials, an agreement for private companies. It must be clarified that governments, thank God, are not behind this. He said that there is already a very strict position of the European Commission, which monitors this market and, above all, monitors European law. – Only a few years ago, the European Commission turned a blind eye to the fact that Gazprom was violating EU regulations regarding, for example, the failure to combine infrastructure and sales, violating EU competition policy (…). I spoke at the European Commission with the Commissioner in charge of this and the Director-General responsible for Energy. He added that there will be a very harsh European position.

Currently, the Civic Platform has changed its mind on this and says that “Nord Stream 2 is a huge mistake in German politics, and it should be banned”.

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We asked a member of the Warsaw Council of the Civic Platform, Pawes Lech, if he agreed with the diagnosis made by Rafai Trzaskovsky in 2015, or whether he considered it incorrect.

There are a lot of opinions on this topic that can not be considered a unified position of the civic platform. In my opinion and from what I remember, the Civic Platform was against this gas pipeline construction. You can quote a statement taken out of context by individual politicians, but In general, the buy order was against this line and still sticks to his opinion

– He argued.

– As for the situation on the gas market, it should be noted that more than 30 percent of the gas used in Poland is produced in our country and the government has an influence on the prices of this gas, it could have taken more decisive measures. It is also important that thanks to the actions of the Civic government Platform, the gas station was opened in Świnoujście. Construction started under the purchase order government and thanks to that we can import gas from other suppliers. At the moment, gas tankers also flow from the United States to Poland. I hope that this confusion that Russia is causing in the gas market in Europe will somehow stop in the near future – he added.

We asked Jan Mosinski, MP for Law and Justice, if he thought “the civilian platform has always been against Nord Stream 2”.

The Post Office noted – unfortunately over time – that investing in Nord Stream 2 is detrimental not only to Poland, but also to energy security in the European Union. Unfortunately, as always on the civil platform, hypocrisy reaches the summits of Mount Everest, because a few years ago Rafai Trzaskovsky commented favorably on it, and Donald Tusk, who for years held important positions in the European Union, did nothing to protest against the construction of the gas pipeline this

– Notice.

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– Today, of course, the podium wears the feathers of the defenders of energy security in Poland, but I think that people are able to analyze what they said a few years ago and what they are saying now – he emphasized.


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