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Trzaskowski: Members of the US Congress have expressed concern about the democratic state of Poland

Trzaskowski: Members of the US Congress have expressed concern about the democratic state of Poland

On Thursday, at the invitation of the US Congress, Trotsky will attend a televised hearing on the status of democracy in Poland and Central Europe. The discussion will take place at the Foreign Subcommittee of the House of Representatives on Europe, Energy, the Environment and Cybernetics.

In addition to the president of Warsaw, other founders of the Free Cities Agreement, namely Budapest’s mayors Jerkeli Karaksoni, Brock Stenek Harib and Bratislava Mathews Vollo will attend.

The day before the hearing, Truskovsky said that the US Congress was “very concerned about the state of democracy in Poland and Hungary” and had good information about what was happening in our country. – They refer to independent organizations and independent organizations – he explained.

As Trzaskowski points out, he held a full series of consultations before the debate. With ombudsmen, ambassadors, anti-homosexuality campaigns and organizations dealing with the judiciary. – This voice (when asked – Ed.) Is important to be the voice of everyone who cares about the democratic state of Poland, he said.

In his opinion, “the US Congress considers us to be the most trusted partners and is well aware that not only the government but also local governments, civil society and civil society have a very important role to play in the situation of nations and the status of democracy.”

On Facebook, Trzaskowski announced that he had met with the mayor of the Hungarian city of Hódmezővásárely Peter Marki-sai and the prime ministerial candidate of the local opposition.

“I cross my fingers to win next year’s elections! And I wish the political maturity of my Hungarian counterparts – necessary for the decision to run the entire opposition jointly,” the mayor of Warsaw wrote.

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