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TVN is concerned about the health of Jaroslav Kaczynski. Monica Olignik asks if he is not deficient in magnesium

TVN is concerned about the health of Jaroslav Kaczynski.  Monica Olignik asks if he is not deficient in magnesium

The reason for the appearance of such a topic on the air of two TVN programs was the Tuesday conference with the participation of the head of the Ministry of National Defense, Marius Bosachak, and Jaroslav Kaczynski, who is also responsible for security. At that time, politicians put forward the hypotheses of the new law for the defense of the homeland. “If we want to avoid the worst, that is, war, we must act according to this old principle, you want peace, and prepare for war,” said Jaroslav Kaczynski, justifying the need for a new law.

Subsequently, the head of the Ministry of National Defense, Mariusz Bachaczak, spoke out, explaining the detailed assumptions of the proposed changes. At this point, it was noticeable that the head of the PiS, Jaroslav Kaczynski, somewhat lost interest in Bashzak’s words. Several commentators have suggested that the CEO may have taken a nap. “He slept through martial law. On the brink of World War III, he slept again,” we read on the Civic Platform’s official Facebook profile.

Monika Olejnik asks if Jarosław Kaczyński is not deficient in magnesium

On Wednesday, this thread was repeated repeatedly by opposition politicians. Also, questions about the health of the person who is considered the most important in the country began to appear in the media. I asked about the president’s health, among other things, Gazeta Liborcza. PiS club president Ryszard Terlicki, who was assaulted by journalist JW, noted that it was just tiredness, and that Kaczynski was in good health.

This topic also appeared on TVN’s Evening Show. First, the presenter of the program “Facts after the facts”, Anita Werner, asked her guests – the deputy of the left Agnieszka Dziemjanovic-Beck, as well as the former deputy of the Law and Justice party, currently Zbigniew Jerzynski, a member of Polish affairs.

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According to Jerzinsky, to deal with the topic of the dream of the head of the PiS is trivial, and the politician does not want to comment on this topic. In the end, he only added that Yaroslav Kaczynski is doing well. Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk was also reluctant to mention this topic, noting that the promises made by Błaszczak and the entire PiS government were quiet.

The theme of Kaczynski’s “nap” also appeared in the film “Kropka nad i” by Monica Olegnik. The program’s guest was Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz, a medical professional, who was asked about the medical justification for the PiS chair’s behavior. – According to you, it could be a serious condition, or maybe fatigue, or maybe … magnesium deficiency? Olejnik asked.

Ewa Kopacci cleverly managed to get out of the situation and said that doctors did not comment on such situations on vision. “I don’t think it would be appropriate,” she concluded.

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