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TVN surprises fans of snowboarding. There was no such thing on TVP

TVN surprises fans of snowboarding.  There was no such thing on TVP

Karl Geiger won the individual competition on Saturday on the hill in Nizhny Tagil, who was ahead of Ryo Kobayashi and Halvor Aigner Granrod. He was the best Poles full stoushwho finished the competition in fifth place. The opening competition was unique for Polish fans also for another reason.

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New season, new hopes. “Kobaki can do everything. It might be his winter.”

Warning before Sunday’s ski jump competition in Nizhny Tagil

TVN of the new season of ski jumping. Another important change

For several months it was known that he was in the new season Ski jump disappear from the antenna TVP. restroom rights in Ski jump It is owned by the Discovery Group, which this time did not agree to sell a sub-license to Telewizja Polska. For this reason, the vast majority of the 2021/20 season struggles will only be available on TVN and Eurosport.

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TVN has set itself the goal of completely different “encapsulation” of ski jumping competitions. One of the changes did not appeal to Polish fans very much. Immediately after the end of the first Series At the competition, fans suddenly saw ads that they had never had a chance to try before.

There was another big change to the broadcast schedule. Polish television did not show the competition in the pre-competition qualifiers. The only exceptions were the World Cup competitions that were held in Poland. The reason for this was that the station did not have the right to such broadcasts.

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World Cup Ski Jump competition on Sunday in Nizhny Tagil.  Where and when do you watch?What time is the jumping competition on Sunday? Watch out for qualifications

It will be different in the case of TVN. Thanks to, fans will be able to watch the qualifiers before all competitions world Cup. On Sunday, you will be able to watch the competition to upgrade to competition in Ninem TagilWhich will be held at 2:30 pm. An hour and a half, the main competition will begin.

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