July 28, 2021

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TVP Sport director Dariusz Szpakowski spoke about it.  "Everyone knows better"

TVP Sport director Dariusz Szpakowski spoke about it. “Everyone knows better”

euro The year 2020 ended last Sunday. Won the European Championship Italy national teamwho won against him English people. The meeting was commented on by the duo Matthew BorekKazimierz Fjerzin, although earlier everything indicated that this opportunity would be given to Darius Szpakowski of Andrei Juskoviak. boric At the end of the broadcast, he thanked a more experienced colleague. “We bow to all fans, to all Poles, and in particular to the legend of the white and red microphone. Darek, I salute you, I bow down” – he said.

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Marek Shkolnikovsky declares: This is not the end of Dariush Szpakovsky. “There will be a beautiful punch line.”

TVP Sport Director Marek Shkolnikovsky reported via Twitter about the change of commentators for the final Euro 2020 Two days before the match. In one of the tweets, he told that Dariusz Szpakovsky will comment Rowing And the kayaking during Olympic Games in Tokyo. The 70-year-old’s last match in the European Championship was the quarter-final between them Denmark And the Czechs.

Marek Shkolnikovsky talked about Szpakovsky’s further work, but he also summed up the past Euro 2020. “It was a great, great tournament. Forza Italia. At TVP Sport we tried to produce the best production in history, but now I know we will be even better in Qatar. Dariush Szpakovsky Everyone knows better, but no one overheard our conversation. There will be a beautiful punch line ”- wrote the director of TVP Sport.

At the moment, it is not known how Dariush Szpakovsky will be bid farewell. Commentator works at Polish TV Since 1982.

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