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TVP’s Ravi Patera has admitted his relationship with an unmarried daughter. His wife forgave him for his betrayal

TVP's Ravi Patera has admitted his relationship with an unmarried daughter.  His wife forgave him for his betrayal

Ravi Patira They are mainly related to the viewers TVP Tarwam TV and Radio Marija listeners. Since 2020, he has co-created “Rodzinny Express”, a program broadcast on Jedynka TV channel, promoting Catholic values. Previously, it was associated, among other things, with “Question about breakfast“Teleexpress” and co-host of “Hello, Poland!” The journalist speaks eagerly of his deep faith and his life according to the commandments.

Ravi Patira about an affair and an illegitimate daughter

The 48-year-old admitted in an interview with a Catholic weekly that he had problems being faithful to his wife. All because at work he met “beautiful women:

There is a lot going on in my business, and soon a lot of money appears, and I meet beautiful women. He said they were twice as big.

It didn’t just end with “weakness”, because Patera had an affair with the woman who gave birth to him Baby. He and his wife had three daughters and a son. Even Wikipedia noted this fact. The most famous Internet encyclopedia is silent about her daughter from a casual relationship, now a teenager.

You can find photos of Ravi Patera in the gallery at the top of the article

As Patera recounted, he was in a tear he called a “tug of war.” three Years. During this time, he wondered if he would stay with his new partner or go back to his wife. He stated that his friends advised him about this, but he did not know who to listen to because opinions were divided.

He decided to go back because he felt that cutting the sacraments would be painful for him. The wife generously forgave him for his betrayal. And they suggested making a joint trip to Czestochova:

Listen, I’m sure everything will turn out well. I know we are still going up the hill, but I can already see the top of this mountain, and the sun is shining there – the traitorous husband heard it.

Patera compared the relationship of marriage to a trip to the Himalayas. The three of them, because he is with Jesus.

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And so the marriage survived:

With God’s help, I began to recover from the crisis – the TVP star recalled.

Look like an illegitimate mother Daughters Battery is not optimistic about it. “That woman,” as the journalist calls her, is in his opinion a girl against him. Communication between him and the teen is limited to casual calls, but you can hear that the conversations don’t make it fun.

Do you know about it?

You can find photos of Ravi Patera in the gallery at the top of the article.

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