July 28, 2021

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Twenty years in Barcelona and it's over?  Leo Messi became a free soccer player!  football

Twenty years in Barcelona and it’s over? Leo Messi became a free soccer player! football

When the president of Barcelona, Joanna LaportoAsked about Leo Messi’s contract extension, he smiled and replied: “Take it easy.” But, at least in theory, Wednesday night is Thursday Argentine He became unemployed. For the first time in twenty years, he was not bound by any contract with Barcelona. The new contract, according to Catalan media, has been practically agreed and “only signatures are missing”. The last slogan has been in the press for several weeks, but if there is no parish, then it is not.

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Leo Messi is no longer a FC Barcelona player. What is the conclusion?

The extension of the contract by Messi is a formality, but at the same time it is very laborious. In theory, if the Argentine is injured America’s CupHe will have to rely either on private insurance or on the one provided by the Spanish Football Players Association (AFE). The Catalans will also not receive compensation from FIFA in such a case, on which they can count, for example, after Injured by Ousmane Dembele at the European Championships.

Barcelona paid the transfer error. Unusual way to release

Barcelona From July 1, he cannot promote himself with new photos of the genius from Rosario. The club may use old photos, but on the Internet we will not find, for example, photos of Leo in Blaugrana shirts for the 2021/22 season. In theory, you also wouldn’t be able to buy a T-shirt with your name on it Messi And with the number 10. Many sponsors also make the size of their support for Barcelona depends on the survival of the Argentine, who He earned a colossal salary, but at the same time made about 25-30 percent for the Camp Nou team. Revenues.

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Leo Messi will stay at Barcelona despite huge salary cut

– A quick “yes” from Leo will help us a lot in many areas – Laporte made no secret in an interview with “La Vanguardia”. The president admitted that the club’s financial situation was “much worse than expected” and that drastic measures were needed. Barcelona is preparing to cut costs, which it should just start يجب Messi. The Argentine is expected to cut his salary more or less twice under a two-year contract, and the club will “reward” him by giving him the role of Barcelona ambassador after his football career. – I can’t imagine a scenario where Leo leaves. The more we come Kona AgueroLaporta smiled who tells him every day to extend his contract.

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Barcelona is obligated to cut costs under the rules of the League, which we wrote about here. So far, the Barcelona president has approved four Transfers to the club (Aguero, Memphis Depay, Eric Garcia, Emerson Royal) and shot one unnecessary player, Matthews Fernandez, whom Barcelona broke up by email. Even after reaching an agreement with Messi, the Catalans will have to cut their salary bill by about 150 million euro. To this end, they would like to agree a salary cut with other pillars of the team, led by Sergio Busquetsime Or Jordi Alba, and get rid of unnecessary players like Philippe Coutinho, Samuel Umtiti or even Antoine Griezmann. But will anyone be willing and able to persuade them to leave the Camp Nou, where footballers led by Josep Maria Bartomeu live like cakes in butter?

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Why is Ramos and Real separated? Why is Ramos and Real separated? “It wasn’t about the money.” There was nothing like this in Madrid 117 years ago!

Sergio Ramos deleted Real Madrid from his social networking sites

This is what will worry Laporta later. At the moment, the most important thing is to extend the contract with Messi. According to recent reports, white smoke is expected to appear over the Camp Nou after the end of the Copa America, on which Leo wants to focus 100 per cent. Another long-term relationship in Spanish football is sure to come to an end on Wednesday night. After sixteen seasons Sergio Ramos We parted with her real He removed information about him from his social media. The stopwatch will also be linked to the new club soon. It is believed that the closest to him Paris Saint-GermainWhere he was meeting, for example, with Keylor Navas, a former friend of the royal dressing rooms.