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Two doses of vaccines are effective in preventing the Indian Corona virus [BADANIE]

Two doses of vaccines are effective in preventing the Indian Corona virus [BADANIE]

After one dose and both doses, the degree of protection is also slightly lower than that of the British variant, which is predominant in Great Britain.

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How long is the preventive effect after vaccination?

New research. Vaccines have reduced the number of symptomatic infections of the Indian coronavirus variant

The vaccine has been reported by the Public Health Agency of England (PHE). Pfizer/ BioNTech Two weeks after the administration of the second dose reduced the number of symptomatic infections with the Indian variant by 88%, while in the case of the British variant it was 93%, while in the case of the two doses of AstraZeneki it was 60%, respectively. And 66 percent as indicated by PHE, lower vaccine rates AstraZeneca Follow who RealityWhich – which It provides maximum effectiveness after more than two weeks.

However, after a single dose, both vaccines only yield 33 percent after three weeks. Protection, while in the case of the British alternative – 50 per cent. Moderna vaccines are also used in the UK, but since they only started administering them in April, they are not included in this study.

a. Gastrointestinal tract: Unvaccinated people begin to parasitize on vaccination

British Minister of Health Matt Hancock said Sunday that the study results increased his confidence that on June 21 the rest of the restrictions in England could be lifted as planned. Due to the increasing number of cases of the British variant this British week rz ± d He determined that in areas identified as an outbreak of an Indian variant, the period between the first and second doses would be reduced from 12 to eight weeks.

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Coronavirus in Great Britain

Meanwhile, the British government announced the total number on Sunday Vaccines Nationwide it has already exceeded 60 million. As of Saturday, nearly 60.6 million doses had been administered, of which more than 37.9 million doses were first, and more than 22.6 million doses were administered – the second. On Saturday, more than 762,000 were vaccinated in total with the first and second doses. Persons, which is the second highest score since the start of vaccination.

Coronavirus in IndiaThe phrase “Indian variant of the Coronavirus” disappears from social media

During the past day, 2,235 new cases of coronavirus were discovered, and five new deaths due to Covid-19 were recorded. Total balance Epidemic In Great Britain, there are more than 4.46 million confirmed infections and 127,721 deaths.

From London: Bartłomiej Niedziński / bjn / kib / PAP

Coronavirus: all current information and recommendations regarding

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