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Two sides of immigration to the United States. Boundary problem and concessions in New York

Two sides of immigration to the United States.  Boundary problem and concessions in New York

A truck crash in southern Mexico last week has killed more than 50 people, one of the worst involving immigrants from South America trying to enter the United States illegally through Mexico. This time, the hijackers loaded more than 150 people into a cargo truck, hoping to bypass immigration restrictions on passenger traffic. Shocking reports have surfaced that remind us of the US problem on the southern border.

The administration of Joe Biden, who works with Mexican officials, is trying to prevent the arrival of immigrants encouraged by the White House’s friendly attitude. By the end of October, 228,000 people were detained in Mexico on their way to the U.S. border. Most of those who go to the United States are deported before they can apply for asylum. A week after Donald Trump brought in a law that requires immigrants seeking asylum in Mexico to wait for a decision, it has been re-enacted. Mexican authorities often take them to Guatemala, and some of them decide to embark on another dangerous voyage through Mexico.

Meanwhile, immigrants already living in the states occasionally celebrate small victories. For example, it’s about getting a license to apply for a driver’s license already issued in 15 states or some other infectious financial assistance available to them. In California, New York and New Jersey.

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Recently, the New York City Council approved a bill by the mayor or councilors. Citizens still have the privilege of voting for candidates in state or federal elections.

New York is the 15th and largest city in the United States to recognize such legislation. Of the nearly 9 million people, 37 percent are immigrants. About 60 percent of them are nationals, the rest are green card holders, work or student visa holders or undocumented immigrants. According to the mayor’s office for immigrants, half of those working in key areas of life, such as health, food production and transportation, are foreigners. “It’s a tribute to those who left the city during epidemics and could not work from home,” said Yatanis Rodriguez, a councilor who started the law, an immigrant from the Dominican Republic.

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However, not everyone enthusiastically accepted the new offer for immigrants. Outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio said he would sign the bill despite legal doubts. Some Republican politicians, led by Staten Island president-elect Vito Focella, called the law “serious” and declared a legal battle against it.

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