July 28, 2021

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U.S. Army announces clinical trials of anti-aging pill

U.S. Army announces clinical trials of anti-aging pill

All things considered, the tablet “has the potential to really slow down aging and thus prevent injury, which could be a real turning point,” said Lisa Sanders, director of science and technology at the U.S. Special Operations Command.

A spokesman for SOCOM added all three of his coins. As he says Quantitative and safety studies have already been completedNow is the time to check its effectiveness. The Americans insist that the tablet does not create new physical characteristics in the body, and that this “increasing certain performance characteristics in a soldier will generally decrease with age.” A spokesman for SOCOM adds that The tablet is also available to the publicAmong its positive effects are “increased efficiency in humans, including better tolerance and faster rehabilitation after injury”.

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Interestingly, The U.S. military has spent only $ 2.8 million since 2018 on this purpose. This is not much compared to the others Pentagon military programs Often estimated at tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. Metropyotech, a specialized biotechnology company, also helps Americans As one SOCOM spokesman pointed out, the command “while away from genetic engineering” sees “tremendous commercial potential for products to improve injury, slow aging and sleep.”

So we cross our fingers for successful tests because many people want to include their tablet in their daily diet.

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