October 23, 2021

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U.S. Climate Report.  What did Donald Trump try to hide?

U.S. Climate Report. What did Donald Trump try to hide?

The shocking climate report, which was successfully delayed for three years by the administration of former US President Donald Trump, finally saw daylight and revealed the extent of climate change that the United States is currently facing.

Among other things, Americans are suffering from heat waves that were three times greater than they were 60 years ago. In turn they use twice as much energy to cool their homes during the warmer months, which creates more greenhouse gas emissions.

Compared to 50 years ago, coastal flooding is now more prevalent on all three continents of the United States, posing a major security risk to those living near the coasts or 40% of Americans. The company estimates that the floods could cause more than $ 1 trillion in damage.

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The report shows that sea temperatures have reached record levels in the past year and that the fire season is longer and more devastating than it was in the mid-1980s.

U.S. The Environmental Protection Agency report is a reliable and comprehensive source of information based on data from dozens of sources, including information provided by government agencies, research and NGOs. The agency’s first climate change indicators report was released during Barack Obama’s presidency in 2010, and three more by 2016. Trump successfully prevented even the release of a statement.

Climate denial Donald Trump Prior to his inauguration, he continued to stress that, despite his contradictions in this regard, he once called climate change a “myth” or “expensive hoax”, at other times declaring it a “serious topic”, “exceptionally important to him”. He said the change was “created by the Chinese to make American production more competitive” and he used the classic The rhetoric of the deniers, Emphasizes that cold weather is the opposite of global warming. He acknowledged that sometimes there is climate change, but questioned the impact of human activity when it occurs. At Trump’s initiative, the United States withdrew from the Paris Agreement in 2020 because the then president believed that the international agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions was designed to “kill the American economy.”

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