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U.S. government employees attacked by microwave weapons? Mystery cases under a magnifying glass

Co najmniej 130 tajemniczych przypadków kłopotów zdrowotnych pracowników administracji federalnej USA stało się przedmiotem dochodzenia Rady Bezpieczeństwa Narodowego: podejrzenia mówią o atakach z użyciem broni mikrofalowej. Kongresmeni apelują do ekipy prezydenta Joe Bidena o poważne potraktowanie problemu.

The National Security Council is investigating at least 130 mysterious cases related to the health problems of U.S. federal administration employees: Suspicions refer to attacks using microwave weapons. Congressmen are urging President Joe Biden’s delegation to take the issue seriously.

The Associated Press reports that the suspect Uses “microwave or radio waves” to attack the brains of American ambassadors, spies and military personnel.

As he recalls, The first such cases were reported by US embassy staff in Havana, Cuba In 2016 – hence the name adopted for them: “Havana Syndrome”.

However, the number of alleged attacks is growing sharply: Last year – citing an anonymous source in the Pentagon, the National Security Council had already investigated dozens of such cases, currently: at least 130.

Affected people complained of symptoms such as headaches, dizziness and concussion, some of which required months of treatment. Some They heard a loud noise before the symptoms suddenly occurred.

“Reports of at least two possible incidents in the Washington D.C. area are particularly alarming, including one of them Near the White House in November, When the officer reported dizziness, “AP reports.

It also emphasizes “advocating for victims” They accuse the US government of not taking the issue seriously for long Or about the lack of necessary medical care and services. “

Mark Jait, a lawyer from Washington who represents many of the victims, said the National Security Council’s documents show that the council had documents from the late 1990s. Information about an unidentified “hostile country” that may have microwave weapons “To weaken, threaten or kill the enemy.”

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Secretary of Defense Chris Miller has set up a committee in the Donald Trump administration to investigate suspicious cases. This happened after he met a soldier who said he was in service He once heard a “shill” sound and then felt a headache.

“He was well-trained, very well-trained and took part in fights. (…) At this point, it can’t be ignored,” Chris Miller stressed.

Congressmen from the Democratic and Republican parties They put pressure on the administration of President Joe Biden, Take it seriously.

“Ensuring the health and safety of our citizens is no higher priority than a Contradictory health lawsuits affecting our employees around the world are serious. “ Democrat Adam Schiff, who heads the House of Representatives’ investigative committee, warned.



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