May 12, 2021

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U.S. police officer who killed black citizen resigns | National newspaper

In the United States, on the outskirts of Minneapolis, after two nights of protests against the death of a black citizen by a police officer, she and the Prime Minister resigned.

Kim Potter, a 26-year-old veteran of the Brooklyn Center City Police Department, issued a letter saying “it is in the best interests of the community, department and my colleagues that I leave immediately.”

He was the one who killed a young black man, Donde Wright, on Sunday (11). During a traffic approach, police discovered he had an arrest warrant.

Dante tried to escape. The police officer then warned her that she was going to use an electric shock gun called a taser, but she actually fired.

On Monday (12), it was an accidental shooting, the city police chief said. Resigned on Tuesday (13).

In June 2020, Dante had an arrest warrant for carrying an unauthorized firearm in an approach and fleeing from police for missing an audience he was going to answer to. On Tuesday, when announcing the resignation of two police officers, the mayor said he expects it to bring some peace to the community.

Second, protests were repeated in the region, which has become a hotbed of ethnic tensions in the United States. A few kilometers away in Minneapolis, the country is continuing its investigation into former police officer Derek Zhou, who is accused of killing George Floyd in 2020.