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U.S. Representative Dustin Watten joined LUK Lublin University of Technology

U.S. Representative Dustin Watten joined LUK Lublin University of Technology

Dustin Watten strengthened the teams at the PlusLica LUK Laplin Technical University. – I’m excited to become a goat! Being part of such an exciting project driven by strong characters, I am delighted to represent a glamorous city like Laplin. In my career I have had the opportunity to travel around the world and play in many countries, but my second home is Poland, thanks to my love and dedication to our fantastic sport and the best volleyball players. I will do my best in training and competitions. After talking to my manager Cuba Michael, I was immediately interested in Laplin’s offer. I was delighted to hear about the club’s excellent management, its aspirations and the path it will follow – the 2018 World Cup bronze medalist and 2015 World Cup winner with the USA national team can’t hide.

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According to American Libro, the club from Lapland will be the third Polish club of his career. Previously, he played at the Serrada Sarnich Radom, and after a one-year break to play at the Berlin Recycling Wall, he represented GKS Katowice. This is the fourth strength of the Plaslika team. Earlier, Bardos Filipiak and Wojciech Vodorsik of Kyon Patwa joined the team from BGE Scra Pechato. In Lapland, Watten will also meet with his colleagues GKS Katovis, John Novakovsky and coach Darius Taskievich, with whom he has previously worked in the capital of Silesia Voyotoship. Nevan Majstorovic decided to leave LUK Polytechnic.

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In turn, Jacob Kovalsik made the decision to stay at the current club, where he won the bronze medal of the Polish Championship last season with a team called Verva Warsaw Arlene Baliva. However, he was unable to classify previous games individually as successful because his health issues robbed him of the game. In the opening six, Kovalsik will compete with Piotr Novakovsky and Andrzej Vrona. – Biotech is one of the best or best mid liners in the world. Andrews is also in the lead. I know my place in the lineup and I know I will not be the sixth player. But I also know that by coaching well and helping the team when needed, I can play an important role, ”Kovalsik insists.

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